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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Celestial Bridge

The Water Goddess watched the bridge from her garden. Soah, the Water God's bride knew this bridge well. When she first crossed it, she was a human afraid that she would soon face death. Now she stood tall in divine robes, watching the mist that carried the incense of the temple's offerings. 
Sometimes she looked down at the water and whispered her family's name, watching them live their lives, proud of her sacrifice. Time was not as fast in the Celestial realm. Soah knew that her husband Haebeck wouldn't understand that it was hard to leave humanity. He had always been immortal, not caring or worrying about time. But Soah remembered rushing to the market for early deals, hurrying home before the night came or counting the seconds before it was dinner time. 
The palace was beautiful, but now and then Soah would miss her life as a normal human. Although she loved the Water God dearly, there was much to learn about becoming an immortal. She remembered stories about humans wanting to become divine. Never would she have guessed that one day she would go on that journey. 
It was times like this, with a hazy fog and beautiful lotus flowers, that Soah knew the price for divinity. Haebeck would remind her of her decision once he returned. They would sail on the Milky Way, visit the moon and journey beyond the sea of clouds and rain. She would meet more gods, and learn who to trust and who to be wary of. She would hear humans, especially from her village, asking for blessings.  
For now, Soah would watch the world from her garden, wishing Haebeck to return safely. 

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