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Thursday, January 31, 2013

FF 30 day challenge day 14: DAY 17 - Least Favorite Summon

You have to pay him to make him do anything. Yet he fights you for free in Final Fantasy X2. I will say that he had a pretty intro and an awesome overdrive, but the cost for that was annoyingly high. Not to mention every time he finished an attack, he'd hold out a hand expecting more money without even addressing you. The rudest and most selfish aeon ever >_<

Paperman by Walt Disney Pictures

Because this short makes me so happy.
We like to believe in magic and destiny. This short, and the response to it proves that.

Read more about this here:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

FF 30 day challenge day 13: Favorite Job

Sphere Hunter/ Gullwing

I loved this job. Fighting fiends and collecting spheres (while searching for Tidus). It was fun performing shows at the Moonflow, going against machina and following clues to discover where spheres were hidden.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FF 30 day challenge day 12: Favorite Summon

Shiva has always been my favorite summon. After encasing her enemies in ice, all she has to do is snap her fingers, and the battle is over. I also like her side story, and she has an important role in the main plot as Yuna's ally against Seymour. When you have to destroy your aeons at the end of the game, I always saved her for last :(

Monday, January 28, 2013

RumBelle and Prejudice Part 3: In which Snow receives a letter from Regina

Disclaimer: I don't own Once Upon A Time or Pride and Prejudice, I just found the characters to be fitting.

       The next morning found the French family in the dinning room. Snow, Aurora and Ashley were doing chores while Mr. and Mrs. French sat at the table to breakfast.
       " . . . and I really thought that Prince Charming would propose to Snow right there." Mrs. French exclaimed while Mr. French looked up from his book. Snow was mortified.
      "Mother . . ." Snow said while dusting.
      "Even you know that love doesn't work that fast dear." Mr. French said with a laugh.
      Belle walked in and poured a cup of tea.
      "As long as Prince Charming doesn't invite Mr. Gold very often, I think you will be happy together." Belle said with a smile.
     "Oh, Belle. Not you too!" Snow shook her head and moved around the dining table to dust the mantle.
Emma yawned as she found a chair and sat down.
     "I hate balls." she said while spreading butter on toast. "Make sure your husband doesn't throw any."
    Snow glared at them and left the room.
    Belle sighed and put down her tea cup. She followed Snow to the garden.
    "We're only teasing." Belle told her.
    " I know." Snow said with a sigh, "but you know I don't believe in love at first sight."
    "But you like him." Belle said.
    Snow didn't say anything.
    "You danced with him more than anyone." Belle said
    "Well, he did ask me." Snow said with a small smile.
     "It's okay to like him Snow." Belle grinned, "And I think you do."
     "He seems nice." Snow said, "But I do wish everyone would stop teasing me."
    "They mean well." Belle said.
     They were interrupted by a postman with a letter in his hand.
    "Post for Snow French." he said as he handed them the letter.
     Snow took the note and thanked him with a cursty.
     "It's from Regina." Snow said as she read the address.
      Belle smiled and watched Snow rush to the dining room. With an opportunity to return to her book, Belle found a bench and curled up with her book. It wasn't long before an uproar started and she heard her name called in earnest.
     "Belle. Talk to your sister." Mrs. French screeched.
     "What's wrong?" Belle asked.
     "I'm to go on horseback." Snow said.
     "Why? What's wrong with the carriage?"
     "Belle, don't you want your sister to succeed? It's going to rain. If Snow takes the horse, she'll have to stay the night."
     "Mother!" Snow shook her head.
     After an hour, Belle watched Snow take the horse and ride towards the gallery. While her mother smiled slyly, Belle watched the cloudy sky and worried about Snow. 

Happy Birthday Pride and Prejudice!

It's amazing that Pride and Prejudice as been universally acknowledged and appreciated for two hundred years! With its realistic characters and layered plot line, this book has been read and enacted over and over again.  It's one of my favorite classics and Elizabeth Bennet has to be one of the most clever and unique heroines in literature. From the adapted screenplay to the popular youtube series, this story is timeless.

NBC Writing Program: Writer's on the Verge

Round 2 of the Big Six challenge. The NBC Writing Program. Full information here:

I will be writing a Beauty and the Beast script for this one.
Applications will be available May 1st.

Good luck to all!

FF 30 day challenge day 11: Favourite Type of Transportation

The Shoopuf!

It's so cute :) and the driver has a cool accent. I enjoyed the extra stories that Kimahri tells about Yuna's first trip and Auron's story of Jecht's first encounter with a shoopuf. In FFX2 the shoopuf is still around and becomes the stage for a music band on the Moonflow.

I also found this on tumblr yesterday:

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Final Fantasy 30 day challenge day 10: What is your favorite race?

The Ronso.

You don't learn a lot about their culture until FFX2, but I always thought Kimahri was a cool character in FFX. The Ronso reminded me of panthers, but now that I've seen Avatar . . .
There is quite a resemblance! It's no wonder I love the Navi!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

FF 30 day challenge day 9: Favorite cheerful girl


I've only seen her in Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy Advent Children movie, but she wasn't as annoying as Rikku or Vanille. While she works with Leon in Kingdom Hearts, I enjoyed the contrast between her personality and his. She was bubbly and friendly while Leon was stand offish and awkward. She also had a few fun lines in the Advent Children movie that lightened the moment. Compared to Rikku and Vanille, Yuffie knew when to stop being annoying and she would actually be serious for a while.

Friday, January 25, 2013

RumBelle and Prejudice Part 2: In which the French family is invited to a charming ball

Disclaimer: I do not own Pride and Prejudice or Once Upon A Time. I just think putting them together would be fun.

The news came from Belle’s father the next morning. He had visited Prince Charming and discovered that he wouldhold a ball. Belle’s mother couldn’t have been happier and Belle’s father tookto his study for most of the day.
Snow and Belle looked through their wardrobe while Aurora and Ashley fought over a pair of shoes. Emma avoided them all, and managed to take a walk around the house before Aurora and Ashley forced her to get ready.
Belle’s blue gown seemed appropriate, as the occasion was not too formal. Snow also decided her pale ivory gown would be best. Once they were all ready, the French family got in the carriage and arrived at the large gallery where all of StoryBrooke was gathered.
Belle stepped down, and found that Prince Charming was waiting for them. But he wasn’t the only one. A tall, angular man stood by him, a scowl on his face. An elegant lady stood next to him, dressed in a very interesting gown.
“Welcome.” Prince Charming smiledand gave a bow. “It is an honor to meet your daughters, Mr. French. May I introduce my friend Mr. Gold, and next to him, my sister Regina.”
“It’s nice to meet you.” Mr. French smiled.
Belle watched Mr. Gold, who had not spoken a word, but seemed determined to stare painfully at them. Her mother tried to make conversation.
“I understand that you have a castle Mr. Gold.”
“I do.”
“And I’m sure you have many adventures to share with us.”
“My travels stay with me.”
Belle tried not to laugh, but she was soon distracted by the way Prince Charming stared at Snow. Snow, in turn, stared back with a smile.
“Shall we?” Prince Charming offered his hand to Snow, and she took it. Belle watched Mr. Gold walk in with Regina. Both were already whispering. She knew their kind very well. Arrogant and above the people around them. Belle couldn’t help but tell Red the moment she found her.
“He might not be that bad.” Red told Belle, “Although I did notice he won’t dance.”
“Perhaps it is above them.” Belle grinned and Red shook her head.
“You can’t always be that way Belle.”Red warned.
“But it’s so much fun.” Belle smiled, and noticed that she had caught Mr. Gold’s eye while turning her head.
“Belle. There you are.” Belle’s mother said as she walked toward them. “What do you think now. Snow and Charming make quite the pair.”
Belle tried not to roll her eyes. Her mother was matchmaking already, and she wanted no part of it. Especially since she had a good idea that her mother had not joined them only to gloat.
“Why don’t you talk to Mr. Gold Belle?”
“I’m afraid he doesn’t like to dance mother.” Belle said while staring at Mr. Gold.
“Then sit down somewhere if you don’t want to dance.” Mrs. French ordered.
It was a great idea. Belle found a seat, and was so distracted by her success in escaping her mother, that she didn’t notice Mr. Gold and Prince Charming sit nearby.
“Gold, I insist that you dance.”Prince Charming said, “You should at least talk to someone while you’re here.”
“You have been dancing with the beautiful girl, and I won’t get in the way. You’re wasting your time with me.”Mr. Gold said.
“What about her sister Belle? She’s very pretty too.”
“She isn’t beautiful enough to tempt me.”
Belle got up and found Red immediately. After they laughed at the conversation. Belle looked up and saw that Mr. Gold was staring at her again.
“Did he think I was offended?” Belle laughed, “He really is arrogant.”
“And it looks like you proved me wrong.” Red grinned.
The French family left the ballroom with a happy Mrs. French, a shy but happy Snow and a triumphant Belle.

RumBelle and Prejudice Part 1: In which Prince Charming Comes to StoryBrooke

Disclaimer: I do not own Pride and Prejudice or Once Upon A Time. I just thought it would be entertaining to put them together.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a wife. Belle had been told this by her mother, her whole life and her sisters, Snow, Aurora, Ashley and Emma had heard it almost as often. Ashley and Aurora had their way of keeping their mother happy, going to see the princes that came to town, visiting to patrol the borders of Fairy Tale Land. Emma was always voicing her opinion and made a conclusion long ago that society was best observed from afar than meddled with. Belle’s only comfort, besides her father was Snow. She was Belle’s older sister and confidant. Belle could tell Snow anything, from her complaints about their hysterical mother to her favorite stories and books. Books were Belle’s other comfort. She didn’t believe she was a great reader, but she loved her stories just the same.
It all started when Prince Charming came to down. Belle heard her mother’s opinion on the event before she was even positive it was true. After hearing enough gossip to last a life time, Belle went in search of Red, her best friend and found that Prince Charming was indeed coming to their little town of Storybrooke. Belle woke the next morning, and found her parents in the dining room, discussing the plan over breakfast.
“You must introduce him to the girls!” Mrs. French exclaimed while she poured a cup of tea.
“My dear, I would do anything to keep you calm.” Mr. French teased and Belle hid a smile.
Snow walked in and caught Belle’s grin, hiding a laugh of her own.
“Oh father do let us meet him!” Aurora rushed in with Ashley following close behind.
“But of course my dear.” Mr French said, “It has already been decided.
Belle took her book to the other room, where muffled squeals and giggles could be heard. Snow followed her and sipped a cup of tea.
“What are you thinking Belle?” Snow asked while Belle put her book down.
“I’m thinking that the prince will fall for you immediately.” Belle answered with a mischievous grin.
“You know I don’t believe in love at first sight.” Snow said blushing.
“But you are interested in this news.” Belle said.
“And you’re not?” Snow asked with a laugh.
“It is exciting.” Belle said, “But I doubt it will have much to do with me.”
“You can’t mean that.” Snow said
“Oh but I do. And I also think a walk would be best right now, or we will never hear the end of Mr. Charming.”

FF 30 day challenge day 8: Who do you think shouldn't be on the Dissidia Roster?


He was never a warrior to begin with. He always wanted to be a sky pirate, and he was pretty obnoxious and immature. Balthier or Basch would have been a better knight for Cosmos's Army. Even though Balthier was a pirate, he still became a hero. Basch served in Princess Ashe's army, so he was always a warrior. While playing Duodecim, I found that Vann's storyline was very odd. Other than teasing Light every now and then, he didn't do much except fight Galbranth. He also seemed like a secondary character in Terra's storyline.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

If Rapunzel never left the tower . . .

there would be no story.

I'm currently watching the Korean Drama "Flower Boy Next Door" where a girl in her twenties named Go Dok Mi lives her life in her room and rarely ventures outside. Due to a traumatic past, she never speaks to people unless she has to, and stays in her room, watching her crush from the window as much as possible. With a job that doesn't involve meeting people (freelance editing) and a simple routine to keep away from strangers, you would think that Go Dok Mi would succeed in her goal of staying away from the world.
Then Enrique, her crush's younger brother catches her staring at the apartment and won't leave her alone. He is determined to make Go Dok Mi face her fears, and encourages her to live life the way it's supposed to be . . . with other people.
I find that I can relate to this story in more ways than one. I may not sit by myself and stay in my room all day, but I do avoid others as much as possible, and I observe instead of live. But as I watched this show, I thought of something. Characters have to act. If they don't, there literally is no story. Readers don't tend to enjoy people that ponder over things and never come to a decision. In the end, a decision has to be made, and the main character must leave the familiar and face the unknown.
So if Rapunzel never left the tower . . . there would be no story.

FF 30 day challenge day 7: Favorite Couple

(I'm skipping ahead because I've never played Crystal Chronicles)

Tidus and Yuna

I love their story, and how their personalities compliment each other. Yuna is very reserved, while Tidus is always joking around and trying to lighten the mood. Considering the journey Yuna was on, without Tidus, she might not have had the strength to continue on. Tidus showed her how to have fun, and taught her to believe in herself. Yuna taught Tidus how to be responsible, and she gave him the courage to do the right thing. Both Yuna and Tidus were never the same after meeting each other. They even have a sweet side story in Dissidia, where Yuna tries to help Tidus overcome his anger toward his father and remember the journey they had together. Because of these two, I had to get the best ending in FFX2 and bring them together again. I was a little sad that they never met in Kingdom Hearts.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Book earrings!

I made these earrings today from charms at Hobby Lobby :)
They also came with Romeo and Juliet charms which I might sell as a set on etsy.
If you can't find the charms in store, you can order them online as part of the fairytale line.

FF 30 day challenge day 7:Limit Break/Overdrive/Dyne/Trance Effect/Quickening


All the aeons had really cool overdrives. Shiva's was my favorite because with one snap she managed to defeat almost every fiend, and do a lot of damage.
I never could figure out quickenings fast enough.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

FF 30 day challenge day 6: Favorite Antagonist

Jecht from FFX and Dissidia

In Final Fantasy X, Jecht has no choice but to become Sin. I felt sorry for him, because Tidus held such a grudge against him, but in the end, neither Jecht nor Tidus knew what to say. The story gets more completed in Dissidia and Dissidia Duodecim, because Tidus and Jecht have to fight, and both are hestitant. Jecht may not have been the best father, but he became a hero in his own way, letting Tidus know how to defeat him, and supporting Tidus, regardless of his duty as Sin.

Monday, January 21, 2013

FF 30 day challenge day 5: Favorite White Magic Spell

This is an odd question, but I love summoning aeons in FFX. They were my favorite battle strategy, until Yuna disappeared half way through the game :(  On a side side, I guess I like the cure spell since it is usually my best friend in video games.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

FF 30 day challenge day 4: Least Favorite Character


She was pretty obnoxious throughout the game. I couldn't get past her voice, and I didn't like battling with her at all. Every battle cry was annoying. I did feel sorry for her character, and I didn't mind her narration as much as her constant dialogue that reflected her pretending to be happy all the time. She was almost always fake, and I couldn't respect that. She was just a very strange character who said random things most of the time. Once her true role in the story is revealed, I felt sorry for her, but I couldn't deal with her obsession with happiness and randomness. It was too much.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

FF 30 day challenge day 3: Favorite Protagonist

Lightning (Claire Farron)

Lighting is a strong character, but she is also very vulnerable. This is what makes her easy to relate to. The name alone, Lightning, she created to be stronger, but then she realized how damaging lighting can be. She was hard core on the outside, but inside she was scared. Scared to lose her sister forever, scared to be a pawn of the gods and scared of her inevitable future. The way Light dealt with her fear, was to act like she conquered it. The only time she could be herself, and not the warrior she always tried to be, was when Hope needed guidance.
As a big sister, Light took on the responsibility of being a role model to Serah, but she became so focused on her image, that she lost sight of what was important. She detached herself from reality and only focused on the goal. This perseverance is part of Light's strength, and yet it is also a weakness. She isn't exactly impulsive, but she does become focused on one thing and forgets all the other important factors.
I guess Light is my favorite protagonist because she is very human, and even when she loses that humanity, she doesn't lose who she is.

Friday, January 18, 2013

FF 30 day challenge day 2: Least favorite game

I don't think I'll ever finish this game. I got lost so many times, and completely forgot the story line after doing a few side quests. There are so many characters, and each one has a different story, but it's overwhelming. The story wasn't my favorite, but I do like a few of the areas in the world of the game.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

FF 30 day challenge day 1: Favorite Game

Final Fantasy X

I loved so many elements of this game. The story, the world, and the characters. The world of Spira is so creative, and we learn about it through Tidus, an outsider from a different time and world. Yuna is the heart of the story. We follow her journey of heroism and self discovery. But more stories are revealed as the game goes on. Auron's past and Tidus's future are revealed. The world itself is a beautiful place with magical beings called Aeons. This will always be my favorite Final Fantasy story line.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Final Fantasy 30 day challenge

I found this on tumblr, and since I loved the Kingdom Hearts challenge, I'd thought I'd give it a try.

Final Fantasy 30 Day Challenge
DAY 01 - Favourite Game
DAY 02 - Least Favourite Game
DAY 03 - Favourite Protagonist
DAY 04 - Least Favourite Character
DAY 05 - Favourite White Magic Spell
DAY 06 - Favourite Antagonist
DAY 07 - Limit Break/Overdrive/Dyne/Trance Effect/Quickening
DAY 08 - Favourite Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Game
DAY 09 - Least favourite Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle Game
DAY 10 - Favourite couple?
DAY 11 - Who do you think shouldn’t belong in the Dissidia Roster?
DAY 12 - Favourite “cheerful girl”
DAY 13 - What is your favourite race
DAY 14 - Favourite Type of Transportation [Train, Airship, Ragnarok etc.]
DAY 15 - Favourite Summon
DAY 16 - Favourite Job
DAY 17 - Least Favourite Summon
DAY 18 - Least Favourite Job
DAY 19 - Favourite Battle System
DAY 20 - Favourite Chocobo Theme
DAY 21 - Favourite Boss Battle
DAY 22 - Favourite Theme
DAY 23 - Favourite Black Magic Spell
DAY 24 - Favourite Quote
DAY 25 - Favourite Monster
DAY 26 - Favourite Weapon/Type of Weapon
DAY 27 - Favourite Scene in any game
DAY 28 - Favourite mini-game
DAY 29 - How many Final Fantasy games do you own?
DAY 30 - Has Final Fantasy made an impact in your life? If so, how? If not, what do you like about the whole series itself?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Howls Moving Castle

This song seems to have been made for this story :)

Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine


A falling star fell from your heart 
And landed in my eyes  
I screamed aloud, as it tore through them 
And now it's left me blind
The stars, the moon, 

they have all been blown out 
You left me in the dark 
No dawn, no day, 
I'm always in this twilight 
In the shadow of your heart
And in the dark, 

I can hear your heartbeat 
I tried to find the sound 
But then it stopped 
and I was in the darkness 
 So darkness I became
The stars, the moon, 

they have all been blown out 
You left me in the dark 
No dawn, no day, 
I'm always in this twilight 
 In the shadow of your heart
I took the stars from my eyes

 and then I made a map
 And knew that somehow 
I could find my way back  
Then I heard your heart beating, 
you were in the darkness too  
So I stayed in the darkness with you
The stars, the moon,

they have all been blown out 
You left me in the dark 
 No dawn, no day,
 I'm always in this twilight 
In the shadow of your heart
The stars, the moon,

they have all been blown out
You left me in the dark  
No dawn, no day, 
I'm always in this twilight 
In the shadow of your heart

Writing Prompt 48: Confusion

Prompt: Close you eyes and write about what immediately pops into your head.

Confusion seems to stalk me. It follows wherever I go, trailing fear, shame and hurt. It becomes a habit: wondering what I should do, who I'm supposed to be. How do I present myself to the world? When everything is falling apart? When I'm on cloud nine? Do I over do it? Do I boast? Do I whine too much? Do I cry enough? Do I ever give myself a break to just be?
Am I selfish? Self centered? Am I a bad person? Am I a good person?
How am I supposed to act? Is it okay if I don't act that way? Do I lie when I'm not okay? How do I avoid being a burden, when I believe I'm a burden?
It's a mess. These questions that buzz in my head. Over and over and over again I ask them. Over and over and over again, I must come up with my own answer.
What should I do? What do I want to do?
Listening to myself has never been easy. But not listening, that's even worse.
In most situations I am on a swing back and forth, not sure which way to go, not really moving, and not trusting either side.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Writing playlist (With lyrics)

So lately I have been listening to actual songs when I write.
In order to write to songs they have to pass a specific tests for me.
1. The song can't be too distracting.
2. The lyrics should be imaginative
3. The music should be kind of dreamy
4. Nice steady beat that inspires creativity

That said, here's my current writing playlist:

Lions! by Lights

This song seems to define the moment where the hero discovers they must face their fear.

Book of Days by Enya

This song describes the journey, and how the hero changes along the way. 

The Mummer's Dance by Loreena Mckennit

A mystic setting with dancing and magic.

Fuzzy Blue Lights by Owl City

A very dreamy song. 

Brielle by Sky Sailing

Nostalgic and uplifting  at the same time.

One Day by Trading Yesterday

The perfect  love story.

Clocks by Coldplay

Imagination seems to be in every line of this song. 

The Last Unicorn by America

An instant classic, and another setting. 

Little Wonders by Rob Thomas

Simple moments that mean a lot to the characters in the story.

These Dreams by Heart

The power of dreams in literature.

Sanctuary by Utada Hikaru

A nice, safe place for the hero to go to when they are lost.

Return to Innocence by Enigma

A very imaginative song.

Once in Every Lifetime by Jem

A song from the writer to the character.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Writing Prompt 47: What is your meaning of life?

42. Just kidding.

I find that a quote from Fruits Basket answers this question. Although in my opinion, living is the meaning of life. It's the great roller coaster, the ups and downs. Making mistakes, taking falls, but getting back up anyway. Appreciating what you have, and doing what you can. Believing in yourself. Growing and changing. Learning and teaching. So many elements come together during life. Change, loss, happiness, memories, moments you'll never replace. People you can't replace. Everyone has different reasons that they pursue their dreams, and they can only find that reason through the process of living.

 "We're all searching for a meaning to our lives. Everyone. We have to. Because ... no matter who you are ... I don't think anyone's born knowing the reason they're alive. It's just something you have to find as you go along. And it's different for everyone. There are as many reasons to live as there are people in the world. Maybe even more. So the reason for you being born, the reason you were put here in the world, I think it's something we have to find for ourselves. So we search within our hopes and dreams, our work, the people in our lives, in everything we do. And even if the reason you find is hazy or unclear, even if it's so tiny that you can hardly see it, the important thing is, is that you always have one. As long as I'm alive, that's what I want--to have a reason to go on. And you know, you can always find one, if you know where to look. The people in my life give me a reason for living ... I wanna live my life for the people that I care about. And someday, I hope I find someone who wants to live their life for me. So even when things are tough and it's hard to go on, it makes me want to try harder. Because, I'm not just living for me. I'm living for them, too."
          Fruits Basket

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Unknown Future

 (Photo by me, poem by Nazim Hikmet Ran)
I first heard this poem in the Korean Drama Cheongdam-dong Alice. I remember going back to it a few times, really thinking about each line, and how the poem explains the future. This was a reoccurring theme once I started playing Final Fantasy XIII 2 and Lighting reflected on fear of the future and how human it was. Fear is often related to the unknown, and the future is typically unknown. Life has a constant element of change. People change. Places change. And the way you perceive the world changes with each new experience in life.  Change can be unpredictable, but there are times when you can see it coming. This doesn't always prepare you for the future, but it does make you aware of how easy life can change.
This is why people fear the future. It is unknown, and there's no way to know who you will be, or where you will go, because what you think is a constant element in your life is really something temporary that can disappear in the blink of an eye. But the future, like life, is what you make of it. You can be positive or negative about the outcome. This is how you avoid fear of the future, by making choices that you know will cause you to change.
Everyone goes through this at one, or many times in life. People around them change, and some feel left behind while others become more motivated to do something and create a goal to be proud of. Change is a constant, and in some ways, you can always count on things to change, good or bad, no matter what situation you are in.
Lighting says this best. She explains that people cling to the past for many different reasons, but mostly, they want to avoid the uncertainty of the future.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Writing Prompt 46: 10 line poem

Prompt: Write a ten line poem

Quiet is louder than conflict.
It cuts through like a knife.
No communication.
No understanding.
Just Silence.
It is a void.
A giant hole that demands to be filled.
With something . . . anything.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beautiful Song



So I may have been inspired by the recent Once Upon A Time Promo.
Motivation is the key to everything in a character's story. An unmotivated character never grows or changes and never makes the history of the novel. Motivation makes people brave, and gives them courage to achieve their goals and dreams.
This is the first step in creating a character. They must have a reason to journey, to fight and to discover the answers to the story's questions. This is the key element to a believable character. Motivation. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Writing Prompt 45: The Nightmare

Prompt: January 8- Magic in the Details
"Imagine being inside a scary place. Use specific sensory descriptions of  smells, sounds, images and physical sensations.)

I walked along the cavern wall. My hand never left the rock as the gritty substance scratched my palms and made a buffed scraping sound. I knew what was waiting at the end of the cave, but I tried not to think about it. Letting fear take over would not be wise. I focused instead on the light in the cavern. It was dark, but not dark enough to see the glittering webs that now surrounded me.
Steps. Small steps.
I heard a scuttle in the distance, but I knew that nothing would come near me. Although I was lonely in this cave, I knew I wasn't alone. Every step I took was watched by more eyes than I would dare count.
The weavers, some called them. I focused on facts now. Anything to avoid the stench of rotting flesh and poisonous barbs.
I stopped. So did the scuttling. The ground was changing around me, but I could not see how flat or smooth the surface was. My eyes, now aware in the darkness, noticed patterns on the walls. Faded, but obvious. Patterns of the weaver, and her story.
More time. I need more time.
But there was no time, even shrouded in fear, my mind could pull the logic that I was not the only one depending on this mission.
Rocks, small rocks.
I slipped but caught myself with a large scrape on my knuckles.
I must do this.
Finally I was there. The scuttling stopped, and I heard large doors swing open. I was expected after all.
I noticed a wave of moving blobs crawl along the ceiling and into the doors.
"My children escorted you here."
The voice was a hum, with a strange slithering sound mixed in.
I knew that I should bow.
"Lady Arachne." I tried to sound normal, but noticed a squeak at the end of my words.
She laughed. A strange sound that buzzed and echoed through the cavern.
"Welcome to my home." Spite echoed in the voice. Spite that I recognized.
"My children will only harm you if I command them."
Something was coming. The doors swung shut behind me and I tried to focus on the dim light, that now grew. I wished and did not wish it would grow brighter and reveal the monstrous creature that addressed me.
"So you are here to see my collection."
I saw the tapestries before I saw Arcahne.
They were beautiful. Spun with a delicacy and detail that I had never seen before. The colors were bright and vibrant with a silky sheen.
"You made all of these?"
My voice sounded more normal as I stared at the extravagant works of art.
"All of them." She replied, and I heard loud taps on the floor in front of me.
"Some of them were made with the help of my children."
Her children I could now see, hanging from webs with eyes staring at me.
A shiver ran through me as the tapping grew closer.
"But you have come for something far more valuable than my work."
The tapping sounded faster.
"Actually I find your work to be beautiful."
The tapping stopped. I took a breath.
I knew that she was still advancing toward me. This time on a web.
Inches from being poisoned, I clenched my fist, and looked my fear straight in the face.
A face that was upside down, twisted and stretched. Her pointed teeth were smiling, in a shape that looked like a frown. Long wiry hair fell from the forehead, pointed like pincers with a large red mark glaring between them. Her barb, poisonous, deadly and terrifying.
"I'm here to see Athena." I said, proud of my words.
"Brave demigod." She taunted, swaying her head back and forth in a mocking way.

(Inspired by fear and a chapter in Rick Riordan's Mark of Athena)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

On Creating Worlds

I am currently reading Dune by Frank Herbert and I'm amazed by how vivid the world of the story is. As a writer, one of my goals is to do just that, create a world with its own magic, politics and religion. This is no easy task, but details make a story greater, and convince the reader that the world is probable. 
For examples, I turn to Tolkien, who created languages, histories, races and magic to make an epic story. J.K. Rowling invented her own system of magic, and a whole dimension of magic away from the "muggle" world. Diana Wynne Jones created a familiar yet different world related to the European countries.
After reading many  of these stories, I wonder what makes the world of a book seem real. Some would say the characters and their way of living life can reveal a world through human eyes. Others agree that the geography and history of the world makes it realistic to a reader. Magic and languages must be carefully crafted. Myth and folklore add a dimension to the world of a story and create an importance of their own.
Many of my inspiration for writing comes from stories with vivid and realistic worlds.The worlds of Final Fantasy with their elements of myth and folklore become very real while you learn their stories. Spira, from Final Fantasy X, was one of the most amazing and vivid worlds I have ever seen. Coccoon and Pulse from Final Fantasy XIII were also detailed worlds with Steam Punk flare. Another world I admire is the world of Avatar the Last Airbender. Not only did this world have it's own magic. It had its own myths, animals and a religion that played a key part of the story. In the Stravaganza Series by Mary Hoffman, she creates her own Italy with beautiful and intriguing detail, including important magical props.
My current story is a world I have created in the example of these stories. I don't have languages, but one of my stories does have a language I invented. 
I want to create the feeling of stepping into a new world. Like when Jake Sully becomes a Navi in the film Avatar. The vivid and memorable landscape, and the interesting culture of the Navi makes the world of Pandora an amazing element of the film.
Creating worlds, for a writer, is no easy task. Details must be added. A history invented, and characters introduced before a story can really feel like a journey.

What elements do you think create worlds in stories?