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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Props that tell stories

So I thought of this list awhile back, but never posted it. Here's my imaginary wishlist from my favorite silver screen and T. V. screen stories.

1. The Evenstar Necklace from The Lord of the Rings
(I actually own this one)

This pendant literally symbolizes the story of Aragorn and Arwen. And the necklace itself seems pretty durable considering it has survived battle after battle with Orcs, a rough landing in the river, hike after hike in the mountains, a few horse rides, and finally a passage to the undead and back.

2. The Ruby of StormHold from StarDust

This prop tells the story of how Yvaine came to StormHold and how Tristan became king. This is another durable piece of jewelry because it goes through a crash, a trail in the wild, a witch fire incident, a trip through the sky and of course, the ultimate magical showdown, a starburst.

3. Time Turner necklace from Harry Potter
Let's face it. It would be amazing to go back in time, and I like the way the movie made it happen. Hermoine knew how to go to all her classes and be on time. She knew the secret to College years in advance!

4. Katara's Necklace from Avatar the Last Airbender
(I own this one too)

I love the story behind this necklace. It was carved by Master Pakku for Katara's
grandmother, but she refused his proposal and kept the gift. She then passed the necklace down to her daughter, Katara's mother, and it was inherited by Katara when her mother died. She treasures it because it is all she has left of her mother, and still wears it, even once Korra becomes the avatar.

5. The MockingJay Pin from The Hunger Games
(I finally found this one)
This pin is more than it seems. It represents hope and triumph over the Capital. There's a story behind this piece of jewelry, and Katniss learns the tale before she volunteers for The Hunger Games. A symbol in itself, the pin tells the story of freedom and power.

6. The Star Locket from Sailor Moon
This item tells the story of the Moon Kingdom's fall and Sailor Moon's past. It looks authentic and real, with the theme for Sailor Moon playing and the crescent moon spinning around. It is such a lovely locket and it seems mythological to the Sailor Moon world. (This has been on my wish list for years!)

7. Hairpin and PigRabbit from You're Beautiful
(I own these :)

This prop tells a cute story that has to do with Go-Min-Nyue's charm and Hwang-Tae-Young's fears. Tae-Young was afraid of rabbits, and a pig chased him while he was visiting Go Min-Nyue's hometown. He bought Go Min-Nyue the hairpin when her hairpin broke and actually paid 100 dollars for it, even though the pin was only 3 dollars. (He was so embarrassed that he left without his change)
Once Go-Min-Nyue teases him about rabbits, Tae-Young decides to set the record straight. He makes a "PigRabbit" for her and gives it to her with the hairpin.

8. Precious Moments SnowGlobe from My Girl
(I also own this one)
Yu-rin doesn't know when her birthday is. Her father tells her that he only remembers that it was snowing, so every time it snows, Yu-Rin celebrates her birthday. After she tells Gong-chan this, he buys her a snow globe and the snow globe symbolizes the family that Yu-rin has created throughout the show.

9. The Labyrinth book from Labyrinth
Unforntuately, this prop was literally a prop. There was no story called The Labyrinth, but
it looks so nice that I think it would be neat if they republished the movie novel in this fashion. I remember watching this movie and wishing I could read the original story, before I knew that it wasn't based off of a book.

10. The "K" necklace from Dream High
 This necklace is passed on over and over again throughout the story of Dream High. Each student gets it and achieves some part of their dream, but they don't keep it for long, passing it on to someone else for luck. In the end, the popstar K, which could be anyone of the main characters, keeps it as a parting gift from someone they love.

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