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Thursday, January 24, 2013

FF 30 day challenge day 7: Favorite Couple

(I'm skipping ahead because I've never played Crystal Chronicles)

Tidus and Yuna

I love their story, and how their personalities compliment each other. Yuna is very reserved, while Tidus is always joking around and trying to lighten the mood. Considering the journey Yuna was on, without Tidus, she might not have had the strength to continue on. Tidus showed her how to have fun, and taught her to believe in herself. Yuna taught Tidus how to be responsible, and she gave him the courage to do the right thing. Both Yuna and Tidus were never the same after meeting each other. They even have a sweet side story in Dissidia, where Yuna tries to help Tidus overcome his anger toward his father and remember the journey they had together. Because of these two, I had to get the best ending in FFX2 and bring them together again. I was a little sad that they never met in Kingdom Hearts.

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