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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Tree of Aura

The tree was beautiful.
Its glow shone as a beacon in darkness.
The light in the dark.
The hope in despair.
Made of moonlight
it stands at the edge of shadow.
In a forest of emptiness
the tree grants sanctuary to wanderers.
Comfort for the lost.
Life for the dead.
A celestial shield
from fear, emptiness and evil.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Being Thankful

Today is Thanksgiving. It's a day to be grateful for what you have, and appreciate what life has given you. 

First, I'm thankful for my family. Their support, and all the lessons they have helped me learn in life. I'm grateful that they put up with me on bad days and spend time with me on good days. 

Second, I'm thankful for my friends, all over the world, close to home and online. I'm grateful for the fun we have, the counsel they give and the lessons I've learned from them. 

Third, I'm grateful for my job. To work with wonderful people, be surrounded by books and meet many different authors.

Fourth, I'm thankful for my education, the ability to have one, and the piece of paper I earned. The perspectives of my teachers, and fellow classmates have taught me a lot about writing, reading and yes, even math. 

Fifth, I'm grateful for music. The ability to sing, listen and be moved by songs and instrumentals alike.  

Sixth, I'm grateful for stories. The amazing authors behind them, and the creative perspective they offer to the world. 

Seventh, I'm grateful for memories. Good memories of happy times, goofy jokes and ridiculous giggles. 

Eighth, I'm grateful for the sky. The sunset, the stars and the amazing astronomical events we can witness on Earth.

Ninth, I'm grateful for the past. It has made me what I've become, and helped me learn how to be a better person. 

Tenth, I'm grateful for dreams. Having purpose, plans and goals because of them. 

So there's all the deep stuff. Here are little things I'm grateful for:

Chai tea
Rainy days
Teddy bears
Nail Polish
Cherry Blossoms
Lotus flowers
Fuzzy socks
Apple Cider
Fruits Basket
Dew drops

What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Frozen: A movie review: spoiler free

When I first saw the trailer for Frozen, I was very confused. It showed a snow man and a reindeer, and didn't explain anything. At the time I knew that rumors of a Snow Queen based Disney movie were going around, so I knew that this trailer was advertising that movie. The trailer was misleading. 

Finally they released a trailer about the story, and I was intrigued. The story was epic and the characters were charming. So I began to count down the days.
First: the music is amazing! The first song gave me chills, and the lyrics brought back the Disney magic of the 90s Renaissance movies. 
Second: the art is gorgeous. It's almost like a painting in some scenes. It reflected the beauty of Norway, from what I've seen of it at Epcot and in pictures. 
Third: the story is phenomenal. Its complexity adds to its charm. The serious and lighthearted scenes complement each other, and the story is refreshing and original. 

I recommend this movie to everyone. It has a great story and a playful spirit. 


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lightning Returns demo review (Japanese Demo)

So, I will fully admit that I know very little of what is going on in the demo. I can pick up a few phrases from my College Japanese class. But the game looks incredible so far. Lighting is collecting souls, and with Hope's help she is trying to discover the reason behind the chaos that has enveloped the world, changing everything with no notice. 
Snow is now treated like a god, with a palace where he allows people to have fun on their final days. From the very beginning, you learn that Light is gathering souls to save them, and transfer them to the new world before the end of this world. 
The opening sequence begins by introducing Luxerion, the first province you go through. Light is in the middle of a mission: to bring Snow to his senses. Before she can talk with snow, chaos intervenes and a mysterious girl named Lumina appears. It seems that Lumina is causing the chaos, and she summons the mysterious beasts that Lightning has to battle. Some look like Anubis, while others are creepy floating plants. 
Throughout the whole demo Hope talks to you through an intercom, giving you clues and helpful tips on what to do next. I enjoyed listening to Hope and Light banter back and forth while she's trying to track Snow down. It keeps the game fun, and less serious, considering Light's role to be sort of the grim reaper. 
Game play itself is similar to Final Fantasy XIII, but the battle system is very different. You fight alone, and can change abilities in order to do a steady amount of damage. It was a little difficult to get used to at first, but after a few battles, it's easier to strategize and knock out your enemies. Just like the first two games, you have a certain amount of attack points, and once they are out, you have to change abilities to do any more damage. You can also use a preemptive strike to lower enemies' HP. 

As for the rest of the game's elements, the graphics were amazing, as usual, and the story is very intriguing. I feel sorry for Snow because he's become very jaded since Serah's death, but I am glad Hope has a major role in the game because he's my favorite character besides Lightning. 

All in all, this was a fun demo, and I look forward to the actual US release of the game in February.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Choices and Courage

Choices are unavoidable in life. Even when you decide not to do anything, you are making a choice. It took awhile for me to learn this. But the thing is, when you avoid a decision, it becomes bigger until it drives you crazy. The choice hovers, undecided, especially if it is a choice that involves something you want to do. But if you choose to act against what you feel, you will pay for it. Regret will follow you, and create a new type of conflict. 
So choices are something that are unavoidable in life. And when you must make a big choice, you reach a kind of turning point in your life. Where to go? What to do? Suddenly your actions become much more powerful to you. 
Sure little things, like what to have for breakfast or what to wear to work, won't make too much of a difference. But other choices: career, friends and relationships will affect who you will become and how you will view others in your life. 
These choices, in a way, define who you are. How you talk to people, and how you treat people will reflect you and your perspective. 
So, the point of this post? Choices are tough, but they are tough for a reason. Obstacles don't define you, but the way you react to them will impact your life. 
So you may make choices that you don't even realize how they impact your life. 
For me, it was fear. I was afraid. I'm still afraid. But I no longer want to feel trapped by that fear. To constantly worry about obstacles far into my future. To be afraid can be useful, but if you let fear define your choices, can you truly be honest with yourself?
So choices are important, and some choices are scary, but courage is extremely important, and honesty even more so. 
Maybe courage is the ability to understand fear. To recognize when and why you are scared. But if you let fear define your choices, you won't have the ability to change or control some important parts of your life. So I choose to use my fear. To not let fear control my actions, and to enjoy life the best I can. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

About Time: A movie review

I wanted to see this film since I saw the trailer. It didn't look like your typical chick flick, and it seemed to be a deep story about life. I wasn't disappointed.

We follow Tim, who narrates the story and watch him make mistakes over and over again. Some of these mistakes he can fix, but others are permanently etched in time, and they are best left forgotten. Once Tim's father tells him about the family secret, the ability to go back in time, he advises Tim to use this gift for something important. Tim decides that the most important thing is to find love. But along his journey, Tim comes across other reasons to use this gift, and learns valuable lessons with each decision he makes. He grows up, and faces more complex problems, some with no solution but to walk away. With each rewind, he steps through life and sees ordinary events in a different way. 

About Time is a beautiful film about life, and those little moments we take for granted. Those worries that eat away our time and energy can get in the way of the unforgettable details . It's about moments that we wish would last forever. It's about days we don't want to live again. It's the amazing, complex and unpredictable pattern of life, and how happiness is something we make through the little things in our day. 

I recommend this profound, wonderful film to people in their twenties and on. Especially my generation, where we worry about what we haven't yet achieved. Life may not be perfect, but we can make life worth living by appreciating what we have, spending time with those we love and doing all we can. 
This film delivers a heartfelt message without being cheesy and cliche. It takes moments we all recognize in our lives and puts them in perspective. 

My favorite quote from the movie:

"We're all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride." - Tim
                                                 About Time

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Heartsong: Best day of my life by American Authors


I had a dream so big and loud
I jumped so high I touched the clouds
Wo-oah-oah-oah-oah-oh x2
I stretched my hands out to the sky
We danced with monsters through the night
Wo-oah-oah-oah-oah-oh x2

I'm never gonna look back
Woah, never gonna give it up
No, please dont wake me now

This is gonna be the best day of my life
My li-i-i-i-i-ife
This is gonna be the best day of my life
My li-i-i-i-i-ife

I howled at the moon with friends
And then the sun came crashing in
Wo-oah-oah-oah-oah-oh x2
But all the possibilities
No limits just epiphanies
Wo-oah-oah-oah-oah-oh x2

I'm never gonna look back
Woah, never gonna give it up
No, just dont wake me now

This is gonna be the best day of my life
My li-i-i-i-i-ife
This is gonna be the best day of my life
My li-i-i-i-i-ife

I hear it calling outside my window
I feel it in my soul (soul)
The stars were burning so bright
The sun was out 'til midnight
I say we lose control (control)

This is gonna be the best day of my life
My li-i-i-i-i-ife
This is gonna be the best day of my life
My li-i-i-i-i-ife
This is gonna be, this is gonna be, this is gonna be
The best day of my life
Everything is looking up, everybody up now
This is gonna be the best day of my li-ife
My li-i-i-i-i-ife

Friday, November 22, 2013

Writing Prompt 60: Creating Art

Prompt: Is creating "beautiful art" more important than the process of creating?

I've heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I believe that art should be genuine. The process of art is more important than art trying too hard to be beautiful. 

Art itself, especially in writing is a process, and this process is unpredictable and can only be improved over time and with practice. If a writer doesn't go through the process of creating, learn from their mistakes and view their work objectivity as a rough draft, the story won't have an opportunity to grow.  
Criticism, for example, is very important. It may not stroke your ego, but it will help you step back and view your story as a work in progress instead of a final product. Another part of the writing process is brainstorming, outlining and of course writing daily. 
Many obstacles can get in the way of this. Writer's block is the main obstacle, and in some cases it can only be conquered by putting the work away for awhile. Some writer's take a walk, go shopping or even take a nap before picking up the story again. 
If you try to force your work to be great, it won't be genuine, and in some cases, your audience will be able to see right through you.
Some of the best advice from writers: don't write about anything you don't care about. It will come through in your writing. In fact, it will be obvious, and you won't have a single excuse when it's time for people to review it. 
If you don't care about your work, how can it be beautiful? And if you don't go through the process and brush up on your writing skills, how much does your writing mean to you? 
This is true for any artist. How many famous artists paint over their canvas works? How many song writers throw away songs? You'd be surprised to know that every artist you admire cannot just create perfect art in one try. They fail, and try again, and sometimes fail again. But through their process of failure, they get a new idea, or start writing a different song, painting a different picture and end up surprising themselves. 
Art, like life, is a process. And if the artist does not dedicate time, thought and a bit of their soul into their work, it won't be the best it can be. 
Creating art is more important than making your art beautiful. Everyone had different ideas and standards for beauty, and you can't please everyone. Art is something you create for yourself to share your dreams with the world. If you don't polish your dreams, work to improve them and view your art as a process, it will be difficult for anyone to see your art as beautiful. Never expect your art to be perfect, but do expect it to be the best you can make it.  

Monday, November 18, 2013

Light within the Darkness

It is quiet in the park
   and not a chill in the air.
      The trees are standing silently
         with twinkling lights everywhere.
            No matter where life takes me
                I know that I can see
                   the beauty in the simple things
                      and detail in their way.
                         Something I may take for granted
                            no matter time or day.
                               For as things happen and
                                  changes will appear.
                                      As life continues forward
                                          with every passing year. 
                                             This simple peaceful moment
                                               within my story arc
                                                   can be a beacon through despair
                                                        and the light within the dark. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Writing Prompt 59: Changes

Prompt: What changes would you like to make in the next 5 years?

I want to change my attitude. It's better, but not as great as it could be. I'm no longer completely negative about everything, but I'm still cynical about many things that may get in the way of my goals and dreams. 

I want to change my perspective. I guess this goes along with attitude. Perspective can help you see things in a positive light. Knowing what's happening around you can help you see your situation in a different way. 

I want to change my social life. I want to get out there, meet more people. The more people you meet, the more interesting your life becomes. Everyone has a story, and I want to swap stories with other people and collaborate ideas, goals and of course, dreams. 

I want to change my confidence. Or lack there of self confidence. I don't want to be stuck up or selfish, but I want to find that balance between being proud of who you are and being aware of those around you. 

I want to change my habits. Thinking habits. Writing habits (or lack of). Venting habits. Eating habits. Coping habits. I don't want to worry, slack off and be disappointed in myself all the time. It's not fun. At all. 

I want to change my living situation. I am grateful to live at home, but I'm ready to start a life of my own. I want to find a place to call my own. A sanctuary. 

Most of what I want to change lies within. Thoughts that haunt me. Worries that pester me to no end. Habits that hold me back from getting out there and living life. I have big wishes and dreams, but with these internal obstacles, they will be difficult to achieve. 

I guess the thing I want to change the most is how I treat myself. I'm holding myself back, and I want to change that. It's time to leave the nest. It's time to go after what I want. It's time to actually live my life.  

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Legend of Korra and Avatar the Last Airbender: A refection on tropes, idioms and the hero's journey


I finished the Legend of Korra season 2, and saw much debate over whether or not Korra had improved by the end of the season. So I thought back to Aang's journey in Avatar the Last Airbender and picked out the internal and external conflicts that he faced. Korra's inner conflicts, although very different from Aang's, are addressed symbolically as well. Once I realized that my reason for not liking Korra as a character was because I compared her to Aang all the time, I decided to reflect on the two character's stories and discovered that although they are very different, Aang and Korra face similar hero tropes and solve them based on similar motivations. Both must accept and acknowledge who they are. 

We began our interest in the world of the four elements through Aang, the last airbender.
This story began with conflict, and the ever important theme of hope. 

Aang was the archetype of the orphan. No family, no nation even, and a mountain of guilt followed him for running away, just before the fire nation attacked and wiped out the airbenders. 
Needless to say, Aang's story was a powerful one. As the only person who could bend the four elements, Aang literally had the entire world on his shoulders. And his return as the Avatar is not just the return of Airbenders, but the beacon of hope that the world will not be eclipsed by the greed and power of the fire nation. 
So Aang begins his story as the underdog, not able to use all the elements equally, and constantly running from the fire nation. We immediately attach to his loss, his guilt and his confusion with the world around him. He was gone for a hundred years, and his disappearance has put the world out of balance. 
But just as any hero story begins, there is not only external conflict, but internal conflict as well. This internal conflict for Aang was reflected in his proficiency with the other three elements. Aang was able to bend air, because he grew up with airbenders, but the other elements were attached to other elements of himself that he was not able to connect with as easily. 
Air was the peaceful and fun side of Aang. He was able to float through life without a care on most occasions. Water was not too difficult to adapt to, because he was able to relate to the patient and accepting side of the water benders. He had to accept sacrifice, and he had to learn the importance of his task as the avatar to bring balance to the world. Earth was a very difficult element for Aang to use. He wasn't used to facing things head on, and had run from his destiny long before the war. Earth was a challenge because it showed a different side to Aang that he didn't want to accept. He didn't enjoy being harsh, and he was always trying to find peaceful solutions to problems. The most difficult element for Aang to accept was fire. There was a lot of baggage he carried about the destruction of his people, the enemy he had to face, and his own guilt at using fire carelessly. And this element presented a new problem that he didn't want to accept. The element of fire was a part of Aang's identity. So the elements were symbolic of Aang's journey from an orphan into a hero. 
His most difficult struggle was the pressure to kill the fire lord. But in the end, Aang was able to make his own decision, and do what he believed was right. He took the fire lord's power away, and by doing that, saved the nations and stayed true to who he was. By the end of Aang's story, he becomes the savior by facing his inner conflicts and accepting who he was.
He becomes friends with his enemy, Zuko, and together, they rebuild the nations and the world, establishing peace. 
So our journey with Aang is a coming of age story, and each main character in the show Avatar the Last Airbender is fleshed out and important to the plot. It was a phenomenal story, with the tropes of good versus evil and the introduction to a new and well constructed story world. 

We leave Aang, and discover that many years have passed since his defeat of the fire lord, and we are introduced to Korra, the new Avatar. 
Korra is very different from Aang. For one, she's not an orphan at all. Instead, Korra is the rebel. 
She is well trained in three elements, and has no problem using them. But she can't bend air, because she doesn't accept that part of her identity. She is not intuitive and repeatedly acts on impulse. Her character is more headstrong, stubborn and less accepting. Her inner conflict is one of self identity, as well as adapting to change. Thanks to technology, benders are not more powerful than non benders. So Korra's inability to bend air reflects her inability to know who she is, and to adapt to change. 
Even with a mentor, Korra's rebellion gets worse, and her impatience, ruthlessness and carelessness have dire consequences. She loses the support of the people, and cannot connect with the past avatars directly.  
She only achieves inner knowing once all her external elements are lost. Only when it becomes a last resort, does Korra learn to connect with her destiny as the avatar. 
But her journey to self identity is not over. There is a new threat, directly tied to Korra's inner struggle. The spirits, which represent the intangible side of Korra, are becoming dark and attacking the physical world. Up to this point Korra has been able to avoid the spiritual side of herself, and only tap into it when it is necessary. But now, she has no choice. She must learn from the past, and change her attitude about the world in order to save it from destruction. She begins by abandoning her mentor, more comfortable with the direct solution presented in front of her. Her choice causes her to unknowingly help her enemy and doom the world to darkness. 
Her journey takes a dramatic shift when she loses her memory. Left with nothing but who she is, Korra is once again able to connect with the past avatars and learn the story of the avatar's creation. This new knowledge gives Korra the ability to listen to her intuition. And the conflict of good versus evil is presented in both physical and spiritual form. Korra once again tries to be direct, but she fails when everything is taken from her. Her only hope now is herself. Her identity. By the end of Korra's story so far, she defeats the darkness by discovering the light within herself. She no longer feels burdened by the accomplishments of the past avatars. She stops comparing herself to Aang, and makes a decision on her own. Korra has finally grown from a rebellious teenager into a powerful and self aware hero. She defeats the darkness by her own means, and chooses to leave the spirit world and physical world connected, symbolizing the balance that Korra has made with the physical and spiritual parts of herself. 

The epic symbols, tropes and emotional arcs of these stories reflect timeless tales around the world. The hero doesn't start out as a hero, they grow as a hero by facing their inner conflicts and discovering a reason to save the world. Korra and Aang go on very different journeys, but both achieve balance within to save the world in the end. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Discovering who you are

The human being is no simple thing. No matter how old or young, we are all on our own personal journey. The journey to discover who we are. 
The journey to find yourself is very difficult, but it is one of the meanings of life, and reflected in countless stories across the world. 
Life is about change. If you think about stories, the main character usually changes between the beginning and the end. This is no coincidence, because change is an inevitable and an important element in the course of the world. 
The other part of life is struggle. The more you struggle, the sweeter the reward will be. Rewards mean more, and they aren't rewards unless you've done something to earn them. Without struggle there is no reward. (Why do you think heroes fight dragons in stories?) 
So what's the point of all this? Well, even though discovering who you are is difficult, it is worth it. Once you know yourself, you will be at peace with yourself and the world. This makes the struggle you go through even more powerful and important in your life. 
But, to be honest, because it is difficult to learn who you are, many people never do.
It's easier to follow the latest trend, complain about small things and hold grudges against others. 
So here's the truth: To discover who you are, you must spend time with yourself. Sound's simple right? Well, simple is not easy. 
To discover who you are, you must accept your past, your faults and your weaknesses. You must make difficult choices. Choices that determine your future. You must listen to yourself. Your feelings, your dreams and your attitude. You must also decide this: Am I going to start taking charge of my life? Or will I let life take charge of me?
Most people, when asked who they are, will respond with titles, labels, and favorites. But you must look deeper to understand who you are. 
Although we consider the self to be one whole thing, it is fluid. It changes all the time, because life changes and we change. The self can reflect on the past, look to the future, and adapt to situations. 
So what really determines who you are?
What are your values? What are your priorities? What are your actions? What are your reactions? 
These things determine who we are far more than an icon or a label. 
Here's another important fact. Not everyone will accept who you are. Here's an even more important one: that's okay. 
Another interesting fact: No one cares about who you are except you. So this is why people pleasing never does any good for anyone. Think about it. Do you care who anyone else is? No, and here's why: it's none of your concern. Your concern is to focus on who you are, and act on it. That's it! Whether anyone likes what you do, or supports what you do, do things because you love doing them. Because the amazing thing is, once you accept and know who you are, no one can make you do anything.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Twilight Sparkle Polyvore set

Twilight Sparkle by SarahBelle624

I made this Polyvore set because I thought the outfits were clever in the movie The Equestria Girls. The books are a given with Twilight, and the cutie mark had to be part of the decoration. The outift is based on the blue button up and cute purple skirt that Twilight wears in the film. The clogs were the best thing I could find. 

For the whole set:

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Epic Disney Medley in Acapella

This was a wonderful surprise that my Dad sent to me.
Beautiful video and amazing transitions :)


When you look at the stars
your problems seem small.
Almost as if
they weren't problems at all.
For each little light
is a ray of hope.
There to help you
learn lessons and cope.
Each star has a story.
Each star has a place.
In the inky darkness
of night and space.
They are there to guide you
and help you to see
that chaos and darkness
have majestic beauty.
They inspire us to dream
and nurture that spark.
To be a bright light
in the realm of the dark.

Friday, November 8, 2013

How to prepare for NaNoWriMo

1. Look it up. (I had to do this when I first heard about it.)
2. Sign up. (Once you sign up, there are many resources for encouragement, support and writing tips)
3. Panic. (This is unavoidable so I put it on the list.) 
4. Set a writing schedule. 
5. Write! (This is a big one, no really. The novel won't write itself.)
6. Don't give up! (Another important one. Bulldoze those writer's blocks and just keep going!)
7. Focus on the story you're writing for NaNoWriMo. (This is tough. Other ideas for stories will probably come to you. It's Murphy's Law.)
8. Don't edit! (NaNoWriMo is about writing. The editing comes later.)
9. Believe in yourself!  (I'm still working on this one. Especially when I can't focus.)
10. Have fun! (Probably the most important one. What are you doing this for, if you're not enjoying it? Make sure to have fun, and enjoy the writing process for your novel.)

These are all I have for now, but hopefully my contribution to NaNoWrMo writers will help them (and me) get through this month :)

Now, back to writing!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writing Prompt 58: What do you want to be remembered for?

Prompt: What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for my stories. I hope that my stories give people hope, the way Disney gives hope to me. I hope that my stories help people overcome tough obstacles in their life, and inspire them to just be who they are. Like the wonderful authors that I look up to, I hope to be able to understand the human condition, and help the people who struggle by creating role models who inspire them to explore life, face fears and find happiness. I want to be remembered as a story teller, and I want to achieve my goal of building bridges from my characters to the readers. As an artist, I want to be remembered for my art, but as a person, I want to be remembered for the little things that I did to make someone's day. Whether it was at Disney, at work or even at home, I want to be remembered as a good person who did good deeds. 
I want to inspire people, the way my role models inspire me. I want to help them find their courage when faced with fear, find hope when things get rough and to always believe in who they are. 

How about you? What do you what to be remembered for?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Heartsong: Brave by Sara Bereillis

I saw this quote on facebook today, and I heard this song today. Sometimes life happens when you start being brave.

Monday, November 4, 2013

On Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight

Does it exist? Is it a myth? Can you really, truly fall in love with someone in a matter of seconds? There must be a reason for all those stories. Right? 
I have my own theory on why Love at first sight is a common theme in fairy tales. It expresses the innocence, kindness and compassion of the character. 
Two people find each other, and instantly feel like they're meant to be. I suppose it's possible. 
I may have experienced my first brush with this phenomenon at the Disney College Program. Within a few seconds of meeting someone, I felt like I could just be myself. The first time I didn't have to put up my guard, or feel compelled to do so. 
Even though I was cynical and refused to believe that love could actually exist, now I wish that things could be that simple. And for a moment it was simple.  But moments are fleeting, and I refused to think that it was possible. So I pushed it aside. But maybe, just maybe, love at first sight does exist. Or, people can find one another, despite the distance, time and history they would have noticed with anyone else. Maybe that's what people mean by soul mate. 
It's that one person, despite all you've been through, or allowed yourself to believe, who doesn't make you feel like you have to put on an act. The one person who seems to know, instantly that they want to be a part of your life, and you know that you want to be a part of theirs. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ender's Game: A movie review

Novel adaptions into movies are often a hit or miss. Some novels are paced differently than the average film, and Hollywood has budgets, time constraints and script writing to work out. In this case, Ender's Game was a good movie that captured most of the ideals, events and lessons of the novel. 
In terms of the scenes that were brushed over, I didn't mind, mostly because I didn't enjoy reading them, but there were a few things that I didn't think should have been brushed over. 
Ender's choices are very important, and as the story draws to a close, many truths are revealed to him that affect him as a person. Not all of these truths were revealed in the film, and it's possible that if they were, it may have changed the rating. 
In terms of the film itself, I reccomend it to everyone, especially fans of the novel. Like I said earlier, the movie does the novel justice, and in terms of it's rating, I believe it stayed true to the premise of the original story. Even if you're a hard core fan of the book, this movie is worth seeing in my opinion. Some of the best scenes in the film are the battle room scenes, which are amazing and make you wonder how they created them. 
In my personal opinion, I had hoped they would explain more of the psychology that Colonel Graff used on Ender, because it really defined an aspect of his character, and showed the internal conflict  he constantly faced with difficult decisions. 
I can't say more without spoiling the movie for people who haven't read the book. So, I will simply recommend it, along with the novel, if you haven't read it. 
There's a reason why Ender's Game is one of the best SciFi novels of our time. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I took myself for a walk today

I took myself for a walk today
to chase all the doubts and fears away.
To clear my thoughts,
listen to my dreams
and focus on the world 
as it seems.

I took myself for a walk today
to slow the time and get away.
To watch the sky
listen to the breeze,
and wave to people
as I please.

I took myself for a walk today
to listen to me, and not they.
To dream out loud
and be myself.
To wish and ask
the world for help.

I asked for perspective.
I asked for art
I asked for the ability
to listen to my heart.
I asked for time
I asked for quiet.
To enjoy the world
and not just buy it.

I took myself for a walk today.
It was perfect in its own way.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Writing Prompt 57: Why change anything about yourself?

Prompt:  Why change anything about yourself?

If you never change, you will never grow. But if you are going to change, make sure it's for the right reasons. For example, you shouldn't change because you want to please somebody. You should should change for yourself.
Changing is a part of life. Everything changes. It's true, think about it. You're not the same person that you were years ago. You've learned lessons, and you gone through experiences that helped shape who you are today. 
I think that if you change anything about yourself, it should be because it drives you crazy. Like when I decided to change ny routine to overcome my severe shyness. I slowly became more confident around people, and less afraid to show who I was. It was a process, but I don't regret it. I learned a lot from that experience, and I beleive I grew into who I am now, by overcoming that obstacle. 
Change should feel natural and not forced. If someone tells you to change, make sure that you want to change what they are talking about. Are they demanding you change your hobbies? Your appearance? Your atitude? Find out if you want to change, and if changing will benefit you before you change for someone. It's an important lesson. Always be yourself, but if you aren't satisfied with who you are, think of ways to change. 
Change should be a positive thing that helps you grow. Not a forced belief, label or a life plan. Changing for yourself is more important than changing for others.