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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Being Thankful

Today is Thanksgiving. It's a day to be grateful for what you have, and appreciate what life has given you. 

First, I'm thankful for my family. Their support, and all the lessons they have helped me learn in life. I'm grateful that they put up with me on bad days and spend time with me on good days. 

Second, I'm thankful for my friends, all over the world, close to home and online. I'm grateful for the fun we have, the counsel they give and the lessons I've learned from them. 

Third, I'm grateful for my job. To work with wonderful people, be surrounded by books and meet many different authors.

Fourth, I'm thankful for my education, the ability to have one, and the piece of paper I earned. The perspectives of my teachers, and fellow classmates have taught me a lot about writing, reading and yes, even math. 

Fifth, I'm grateful for music. The ability to sing, listen and be moved by songs and instrumentals alike.  

Sixth, I'm grateful for stories. The amazing authors behind them, and the creative perspective they offer to the world. 

Seventh, I'm grateful for memories. Good memories of happy times, goofy jokes and ridiculous giggles. 

Eighth, I'm grateful for the sky. The sunset, the stars and the amazing astronomical events we can witness on Earth.

Ninth, I'm grateful for the past. It has made me what I've become, and helped me learn how to be a better person. 

Tenth, I'm grateful for dreams. Having purpose, plans and goals because of them. 

So there's all the deep stuff. Here are little things I'm grateful for:

Chai tea
Rainy days
Teddy bears
Nail Polish
Cherry Blossoms
Lotus flowers
Fuzzy socks
Apple Cider
Fruits Basket
Dew drops

What are you thankful for?

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