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Friday, November 22, 2013

Writing Prompt 60: Creating Art

Prompt: Is creating "beautiful art" more important than the process of creating?

I've heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I believe that art should be genuine. The process of art is more important than art trying too hard to be beautiful. 

Art itself, especially in writing is a process, and this process is unpredictable and can only be improved over time and with practice. If a writer doesn't go through the process of creating, learn from their mistakes and view their work objectivity as a rough draft, the story won't have an opportunity to grow.  
Criticism, for example, is very important. It may not stroke your ego, but it will help you step back and view your story as a work in progress instead of a final product. Another part of the writing process is brainstorming, outlining and of course writing daily. 
Many obstacles can get in the way of this. Writer's block is the main obstacle, and in some cases it can only be conquered by putting the work away for awhile. Some writer's take a walk, go shopping or even take a nap before picking up the story again. 
If you try to force your work to be great, it won't be genuine, and in some cases, your audience will be able to see right through you.
Some of the best advice from writers: don't write about anything you don't care about. It will come through in your writing. In fact, it will be obvious, and you won't have a single excuse when it's time for people to review it. 
If you don't care about your work, how can it be beautiful? And if you don't go through the process and brush up on your writing skills, how much does your writing mean to you? 
This is true for any artist. How many famous artists paint over their canvas works? How many song writers throw away songs? You'd be surprised to know that every artist you admire cannot just create perfect art in one try. They fail, and try again, and sometimes fail again. But through their process of failure, they get a new idea, or start writing a different song, painting a different picture and end up surprising themselves. 
Art, like life, is a process. And if the artist does not dedicate time, thought and a bit of their soul into their work, it won't be the best it can be. 
Creating art is more important than making your art beautiful. Everyone had different ideas and standards for beauty, and you can't please everyone. Art is something you create for yourself to share your dreams with the world. If you don't polish your dreams, work to improve them and view your art as a process, it will be difficult for anyone to see your art as beautiful. Never expect your art to be perfect, but do expect it to be the best you can make it.  

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