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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Discovering who you are

The human being is no simple thing. No matter how old or young, we are all on our own personal journey. The journey to discover who we are. 
The journey to find yourself is very difficult, but it is one of the meanings of life, and reflected in countless stories across the world. 
Life is about change. If you think about stories, the main character usually changes between the beginning and the end. This is no coincidence, because change is an inevitable and an important element in the course of the world. 
The other part of life is struggle. The more you struggle, the sweeter the reward will be. Rewards mean more, and they aren't rewards unless you've done something to earn them. Without struggle there is no reward. (Why do you think heroes fight dragons in stories?) 
So what's the point of all this? Well, even though discovering who you are is difficult, it is worth it. Once you know yourself, you will be at peace with yourself and the world. This makes the struggle you go through even more powerful and important in your life. 
But, to be honest, because it is difficult to learn who you are, many people never do.
It's easier to follow the latest trend, complain about small things and hold grudges against others. 
So here's the truth: To discover who you are, you must spend time with yourself. Sound's simple right? Well, simple is not easy. 
To discover who you are, you must accept your past, your faults and your weaknesses. You must make difficult choices. Choices that determine your future. You must listen to yourself. Your feelings, your dreams and your attitude. You must also decide this: Am I going to start taking charge of my life? Or will I let life take charge of me?
Most people, when asked who they are, will respond with titles, labels, and favorites. But you must look deeper to understand who you are. 
Although we consider the self to be one whole thing, it is fluid. It changes all the time, because life changes and we change. The self can reflect on the past, look to the future, and adapt to situations. 
So what really determines who you are?
What are your values? What are your priorities? What are your actions? What are your reactions? 
These things determine who we are far more than an icon or a label. 
Here's another important fact. Not everyone will accept who you are. Here's an even more important one: that's okay. 
Another interesting fact: No one cares about who you are except you. So this is why people pleasing never does any good for anyone. Think about it. Do you care who anyone else is? No, and here's why: it's none of your concern. Your concern is to focus on who you are, and act on it. That's it! Whether anyone likes what you do, or supports what you do, do things because you love doing them. Because the amazing thing is, once you accept and know who you are, no one can make you do anything.

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