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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You know you're a RumBelle fan when . . .

You can't count how many times you've watched Skin Deep
You've heard the beautiful song: "Deal" on youtube
You've made or plan to make the chipped cup
You follow the Rumbelle tag on tumblr, deviantart, livejournal and youtube
You know about the RumBelle fanfic wars
You've made a playlist
You've read or wrote fanfics for them (or both)
You listen to "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri without thinking of Twilight
You can't wait for "Dreamy"
Tea cups make your heart ache
Roses make you smile
You know "any curse can be broken"
You say "Let's get ready to RumBelle!"
You go by "Dearie"
You know "Love is layered."
They have taken over your tumblr dash and livejournal feed
You count the days until the RumBelle reunion
You know it's not "just a cup"

Once again, feel free to add to this ^_^
 RumBelle forever!


  1. This is SO me. Also,
    -You cry when you watch "Beauty and the Beast"
    -You felt the insane urge to learn how to play "Beauty and the Beast" on the guitar and forced your friend to perform it with you, and she demanded to know why you had tears in your eyes while singing it. (reference from my life)
    -You constantly reference them to people who don't even watch OUAT :)
    The "Let's get ready to Rumpelle" is awesome, I'm going to say that from now on no matter how pissed my friends get :)