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Friday, November 23, 2012

Life of Pi: A Movie review

I want to begin this review by mentioning the novel the movie is based on. I read Life of Pi by Yann Martel years ago and loved the powerful storytelling and symbolism. Before you realize what the author is doing, your imagination follows the tale and depicts Pi as he describes his life. Pi goes on a spiritual journey of belief and tells you so throughout the book, but there are even more layers to this story than that. It's a philosophical tale, and it is up to you to decide what Pi's story is ultimately about.

Now, because the film is a movie, it's important to note that it is visually stunning. The effects are amazing and at times breathtaking. But each scene is meaningful to Pi's journey antd teaches you something new about the way he views the world.
My favorite visual scenes were the moments at night when the night sky is reflected in the water, and the moon jellyfish can be seen.
As for the story, it is very true to the book, and begins the same way the book does, with an interview. Pi is interviewed by an author who came to hear a story "That would make you believe in God." Pi begins with his childhood, and mentions three very specific times where he discovered faith.
The story itself is narrated very nicely, but they did leave a comical scene from the book out of it that I was a little surprised not to see . There were many funny moments and clever remarks from Pi, including the story where he got his name. Pi's character is intellectual, inquisitive and daring. He is set apart from his family who are more grounded in their ways then curious about the world. But his story of growing up is very entertaining and interesting.
Once Pi is Shipwrecked with the tiger, Richard Parker, things change. Very specific events happen that are no accident, and the real story begins. Now, I recommend this movie to anyone, because it makes you think, really think and by the end of the film, you learn something about yourself. It's a beautiful piece of literature and was very well translated on the big screen.
This is a movie you don't want to spoil anyone about, but in many ways, you can't even do that, because people need to watch the movie for themselves and come up with their own conclusion.
Anyway, this is a five star movie on my list, and it was a five star book as well.
I recommend both book and movie to many people, because you never know what you'll take from it.