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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Character Inspiration for the Day: Uncle Iroh

From Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. 
Iroh's wisdom comes from experience, and so many of his words inspire me to live as the best person I can be. 
His story is a long and complicated one. He lost his son to the war, and though he was a Great War general, he was not able to take Ba Sing Se. He becomes caretaker to his bitter nephew Zuko and does his best to guide Zuko on a happier path. 
Iroh is not only the wise and mellow old man, but he is also a great and open minded warrior who has learned from all the cultures that he has met in his life. 
He not only advices Zuko, but throughout the series he is mentor to Toph, Aang and Korra, guiding them when they need it most. 
Not only do I wnat to write a character like Uncle Iroh, but I also want to echo his wisdom in the way I live my life. His quotes have inspired me to look for light when I am in darkness, and to remember that everyone has their own battle, and we should do our best to help them on their journey. 

Writing and Living

Sometimes they are very different. 
People believe that writing is a very solitary activity. 
It's a little strange to see someone so focused on their notebook or computer screen, and they are not very attentive to the world around them, but for me, writing is living. 
With writing I explore so many scenarios, and I am able to better understand the people around me. 
Even if I may not always agree with or appreciate them, I've come to realize that life is filled with all sorts of people, and the more different characters I create, the better I understand others. 

Writing is life for a writer. 
It's the complex emotions, the big questions and the life lessons. 
It's the mistakes we make, and the "what if"s afterword. 
Writers explore, and through that expolaration, we grow. We learn about who we are by getting to know our characters. We discover what we're capable of when the character must face their demons. And as the character grows, we grow. 
It's our way, and it's the most interesting and inspirational stories that stay with us over time. 
Love for writing runs in my family, and I am honored to share stories and ideas with my father about books, movies, television shows and my own stories. 
My father has just published his book, and his journey from writer to author has inspired me to walk a similar path. 
I wish and hope to be an author someday, but until then, I will write and write and write. But more importantly, through writing I live and learn, and hopefully my expreience will benefit others in the future, or even the present :) 
It's been quite awhile since I have blogged daily, but I'm going to take up the trend again, and I hope my stories, poems and blurbs will help whoever reads them. 
I wish to be a spark of light in a world of darkness, and even though I can't always be happy or positive, through writing, I learn more and more about life. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Distant Star

Rejection is easy 
A simple goodbye. 
It hurts for awhile.
You may even ask why

Acceptance is harder
The slow process of
Connection and Illusion
Deceit and Love

It's harder to trust
It's harder to care
It's harder to get close
and always be there

It's easier to run
It's easier to hide
To ignore the feelings
Trap them inside

Can Love be simple?
Can Love be true?
Does a string of fate
tie me to you?

Will I find the courage
to show my heart
to someone deserving,
caring and smart?

Admiring from a far
Like a distant star
Always dreaming
Always hopeful
Never close enough to scar

Yet the yearning 
and the aching
doesn't go away. 

I wish to find a love
who will cherish me 
and stay
through all of my 
sorrows and confusion. 
My questions and mistakes. 

Someone who won't 
hurt me
and will do 
whatever it takes. 

Who knows I am
a priceless treasure
and not an easy prize

Who cares more for 
my heart
and looks through
my eyes.

One to walk 
the world with
and stand tall 
when all is done.

As I live and learn
I wonder:
will I meet the one?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Disney Magic

This video is just amazing! Everything I love about Disney in one colorful tribute ^_^

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

An Epic Tale

My father wrote a book, and it will be part of an epic trilogy filled with myth and magic. I'm so proud of him, and if you like fantasy, epic stories and good writing, it would mean a lot if you checked out his page:

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Marvel's Agent Carter and why you should be watching it

Captain America is my favorite Marvel movie. Not only because the hero was a good person inside and out, but also because the leading lady was a confident, independent and strong woman able to take care of herself. 
So when I saw Peggy Carter in the most recent season of Agents of SHEILD and the trailer for Agent Carter, I was estatic that she would get her chance to shine. 

Peggy Carter is a hero, and a good rolemodel for young girls and women. 
She doesn't take the sexism and belittling comments about her gender, and she uses it as a weapon against her oppressors. Sometimes she does this without her oppressors even realising what she's doing. 
Not only that, she uses her wit, charm and beauty as a shield against it. (Yes I used shield on purpose.)
We already know this from her debut on the silver screen in Captain America, but this series chronicles what happens after Steve Rodger's brave sacrifice to save the world. 

Peggy Carter, once a powerful soldier in the war has been reduced to a secretary dealing with the aftermath. She is also mourning the loss of Steve, and she is trying to find a new purpose as the world continues to change. She finds purpose again working with Howard Stark and his butler Jarvis to prevent dangerous weapons falling into the wrong hands. 
As Carter tries to balance these two professions, one a disappointment and one a danger, she discovers secrets left behind from the war possibly leading to something far more sinister and threatening in the future. 

There are several reasons to watch this show: 

The Writing! 
       The dialgoue, the subtle symbolism and the dynamic are spot on. 

The Heroine
       Seriously. Agent Carter is amazing! 

The atmosphere
       This series has a classic feel, from the setting to the costuming, it's like watching a really well performed movie from early Hollywood. 

The supporting characters. 
        There's a reason that Tony Stark named his robot after Edwin Jarvis. He is a complex character who takes on the roles of caretaker, teacher, butler, comedian and loyal friend. 

        Another charming character is Carter's new friend Angie, an aspiring actress who works at the dinner that Carter frequents. 

The Captain America radio program. 
          It's ridiculous, and I don't blame Carter for despising it. 

The action!
          Hayley Atwell's twitter account says it all :) 

The bittersweet admiration and reminders of Captain America. 

So all I can say about Agent Carter is "It's about time!" 
I can't wait for the next episode, and I hope we will see more Marvel leading ladies in the future :)
I give it five out of five "Ladies' Things". 

Also for those who are curious, Agent Carter's armor is Besame in Red Velvet found here: 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Something that everyone should read (But especially women)

I found this on Pinterest, and it made me cry. 
My Daddy has always told me to be myself as well, but due to the ridiculous nonsense that society spews, we all are told it is our job to keep someone in our lives. Well, it's not, especially in the realm of love. Don't change what you wear, say, like, dislike or any part of you for a guy, because that guy isn't worth it. Just be you. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Peace of Mind

I found a really cool book cafe in Chuncheon ^_^

More info here: 

This place reminds me of The Tattered Cover, because it has such a cozy atmosphere, and it has some cool books from around the world. An awesome find!

Love in the Avatar world- A Tribute to Two Great TV Series

"When love is real, it finds a way." - Avatar the Last Airbender

"The Spirit World is very mysterious, but so is love." - The Legend of Korra

Because these TV shows have been a huge part of my life, I wanted to make something to remember them by. Mike and Bryan are amazing storytellers, and they know how to weave life lessons and wisdom into their tales. 
Avatar the Last Airbender was a show that taught me so much about growing up, and Aang's journey from a goofy kid to the Avatar the world was waiting for has inspired me to go on my own journey and trust that things will fall into place. 
The Legend of Korra was a nostalgic show that was very different from Avatar the Last Airbender. The content was darker, and Korra was a very different character compared to Aang. But her journey, from expecting the world to work her way to understanding that she was one piece of a major puzzle was a powerful story and a step forward in the world of entertainment. 

Thank You Mike and Bryan for these incredible stories. I hope there are many more to come. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Reviews and Resolutions

It's that time again. Time to reflect on the year past and create goals for the year to come. 

2015 was a year of change for me. Change on so many levels. A change in how I viewed the world. And a change in how I viewed myself.

January I stared the New Year with new friends, and I talked with many people about stories, writing and the power of stories.
February I said goodbye to a beloved grandma and I learned this in a very unexpected and humbling way. But I believe that ties are never completely severed, even between worlds. I cared for her, and that's what mattered.

March I worked hard on my plans to teach English in South Korea, and I faced many obstacles.

April was a creative month, where I focused on my novel, and I met many other artists working on their own projects ^_^

May I went to a convention (which I hadn't done in a long time), fixed up my Yuna costume and finally did an epic photoshoot (with help from my family :)

June I began a new life in South Korea and adapted to life on my own in a different country.

July I visited Japan and finally celebrated Tanabata, scratching that off my bucket list.

I also made friends with so many people from all over the world including Spain, Australia, South Africa and Ireland.

August was a busy month with lots of traveling- from places around South Korea to another visit to Japan including Harajuku, Akihabara and Artina cafe.

September I celebrated my 26th birthday with some amazing Californians and did some hiking.

October was an eventful Halloween bash with the Halloween cruise, where I dressed as a sugar skull, and had two parties at the school where I dressed as the Tardis, and then a Cat ^_^

November was incredible :) Not only did I start and actually finish NANOWRIMO, but I met some incredible writers and did many fun write-ins with them. I also was able to go home for a bit and see my family, and hang out with my friends for Thanksgiving. 

I also met more amazing people from America and New Zealand. I even went caving ^_^

December I saw The Nutcracker Ballet live for Christmas, and Norebanged the New Year. 

Hopes for the new year: 

To work for Disney again. I miss that environment, and I'm going to try my best to become a Disney script writer. 
To travel, and scratch places off my travel list
To care for myself more. To give myself more credit when I stand my ground and expect to be treated better. 
To finish writing my Starlight trilogy. I can't wait to finish the most epic story I've written so far. I'm still in the creative process, but soon it will be time to edit and work on marketing. I'm pretty excited to get my work out there and focus on the marketing aspects of it. 
To be a little braver. One step at a time, one day at a time, I am going to conquer and move on from my worst and deepest fear. 

New Years Resolutions: 

Accomplish my goals
Write every day: at least two hours
Listen to my heart
To be the author of my own story- Nothing wrong with taking charge.
To overcome my deepest fear- It's possible, as long as I work on it and believe that it can be conquered.

So I'm going to reach for the stars and stop worrying.