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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Marvel's Agent Carter and why you should be watching it

Captain America is my favorite Marvel movie. Not only because the hero was a good person inside and out, but also because the leading lady was a confident, independent and strong woman able to take care of herself. 
So when I saw Peggy Carter in the most recent season of Agents of SHEILD and the trailer for Agent Carter, I was estatic that she would get her chance to shine. 

Peggy Carter is a hero, and a good rolemodel for young girls and women. 
She doesn't take the sexism and belittling comments about her gender, and she uses it as a weapon against her oppressors. Sometimes she does this without her oppressors even realising what she's doing. 
Not only that, she uses her wit, charm and beauty as a shield against it. (Yes I used shield on purpose.)
We already know this from her debut on the silver screen in Captain America, but this series chronicles what happens after Steve Rodger's brave sacrifice to save the world. 

Peggy Carter, once a powerful soldier in the war has been reduced to a secretary dealing with the aftermath. She is also mourning the loss of Steve, and she is trying to find a new purpose as the world continues to change. She finds purpose again working with Howard Stark and his butler Jarvis to prevent dangerous weapons falling into the wrong hands. 
As Carter tries to balance these two professions, one a disappointment and one a danger, she discovers secrets left behind from the war possibly leading to something far more sinister and threatening in the future. 

There are several reasons to watch this show: 

The Writing! 
       The dialgoue, the subtle symbolism and the dynamic are spot on. 

The Heroine
       Seriously. Agent Carter is amazing! 

The atmosphere
       This series has a classic feel, from the setting to the costuming, it's like watching a really well performed movie from early Hollywood. 

The supporting characters. 
        There's a reason that Tony Stark named his robot after Edwin Jarvis. He is a complex character who takes on the roles of caretaker, teacher, butler, comedian and loyal friend. 

        Another charming character is Carter's new friend Angie, an aspiring actress who works at the dinner that Carter frequents. 

The Captain America radio program. 
          It's ridiculous, and I don't blame Carter for despising it. 

The action!
          Hayley Atwell's twitter account says it all :) 

The bittersweet admiration and reminders of Captain America. 

So all I can say about Agent Carter is "It's about time!" 
I can't wait for the next episode, and I hope we will see more Marvel leading ladies in the future :)
I give it five out of five "Ladies' Things". 

Also for those who are curious, Agent Carter's armor is Besame in Red Velvet found here: 

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