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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Distant Star

Rejection is easy 
A simple goodbye. 
It hurts for awhile.
You may even ask why

Acceptance is harder
The slow process of
Connection and Illusion
Deceit and Love

It's harder to trust
It's harder to care
It's harder to get close
and always be there

It's easier to run
It's easier to hide
To ignore the feelings
Trap them inside

Can Love be simple?
Can Love be true?
Does a string of fate
tie me to you?

Will I find the courage
to show my heart
to someone deserving,
caring and smart?

Admiring from a far
Like a distant star
Always dreaming
Always hopeful
Never close enough to scar

Yet the yearning 
and the aching
doesn't go away. 

I wish to find a love
who will cherish me 
and stay
through all of my 
sorrows and confusion. 
My questions and mistakes. 

Someone who won't 
hurt me
and will do 
whatever it takes. 

Who knows I am
a priceless treasure
and not an easy prize

Who cares more for 
my heart
and looks through
my eyes.

One to walk 
the world with
and stand tall 
when all is done.

As I live and learn
I wonder:
will I meet the one?

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