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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Character Inspiration for the Day: Uncle Iroh

From Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. 
Iroh's wisdom comes from experience, and so many of his words inspire me to live as the best person I can be. 
His story is a long and complicated one. He lost his son to the war, and though he was a Great War general, he was not able to take Ba Sing Se. He becomes caretaker to his bitter nephew Zuko and does his best to guide Zuko on a happier path. 
Iroh is not only the wise and mellow old man, but he is also a great and open minded warrior who has learned from all the cultures that he has met in his life. 
He not only advices Zuko, but throughout the series he is mentor to Toph, Aang and Korra, guiding them when they need it most. 
Not only do I wnat to write a character like Uncle Iroh, but I also want to echo his wisdom in the way I live my life. His quotes have inspired me to look for light when I am in darkness, and to remember that everyone has their own battle, and we should do our best to help them on their journey. 

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