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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"The choice must be yours . . ."

"Alice, you cannot live your life to please others. The choice must be yours, because when you step out to face that creature, you will step out alone." - The White Queen
- Alice in Wonderland

When I first saw this film, this scene stood out to me above all others. For years I put pressure on myself, believing that the pressure was from the people around me, but it wasn't. People don't make choices for you. You make the choice yourself. And if you believe that people control you, then you allow them to do so. I have put pressure on myself for too long, and I have not listened to my own heart. I have avoided those important questions : "Who are you?" and "What do you want?".
But it's time to stop avoiding this. It's time to face my own Jabberwocky and make my decision. I will take one step forward, and I will start making my own decisions. 
I need to breakaway from the nest. I need to start paying attention to my own heart, and I need to start going after my dream, instead of just talking about it. 
No one can help me make these decisions, because these decisions don't affect them. Only I can do this, because when I face my own Jabberwocky, I will face it alone. It's time to be brave, and make the decison instead of run from it. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Wanderer

Step by step
I make my journey
to where . . . 
I do not know.

Through trial and error
grief and wrath
in sunshine,
ice and snow.

Each memory
a delicate moment.
Each mystery 
a climb.

Through the everyday,
the good and bad
I try
to take my time.

New victories.
New losses.
By facing fears
and shame.

I tread on the path,
the rocky road
to explore the world
and discover my own name.

Some seed I plant
will surely grow
while others 
wither and die.

Cage or desert,
hill or mountain,
all I can do is try.

Will I find
where I belong,
and the purpose 
I was made?

Learn my craft,
hone my skill
and become
master in my trade?

As I seek
more than I know,
a wandering 
I will go. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Who you are

I found this on tumblr and it wouldn't leave my mind. 
We take what speaks to us in the world, and it becomes a small piece of who we are. The stories you love echo through you. The music you love inspires you. What you like, even if a million people also like it, says something about what you stand for, what you appreciate and what you want to offer the world. This is why learning about who you are is important. This is how you choose who you are. You decide what speaks to you, and what you wish to be a part of. You decide what you believe and what you say. This is why all the things you love are so important, because they are connected to your core values and your personality. 
I guess it's a late revelation, but I always believed that the self was one set thing you had to find. Now I know that you don't find yourself, you create yourself.
This is why self discovery is the key part of stories.

Friday, January 17, 2014


I meet a really cool guy tonight who talked about how he traveled the world for a year. He went to Thailand, Portugal, Europe and went an entire year without really having a place to stay. Listening to him talk about his experiences, how he learned the languages and adapted to the different cultures was really inspiring. 
There's something about wandering, being free to roam where you will, to go to the places you want to go and not be tied down to anytthing. It's an appealing idea to backpack accross Europe, and go out there, experiencing new things and meeting people from around the world. 
Exploring new places and meeting new people sounds like a wonderful thing to do for a year. Who knows what could happen. Each person you'd meet would teach you something new. Each day would be an adventure with stories to share. 
So wanderlust has hit me, and who knows what I will do this year to cure it. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

One step

Pinocchio wished 
on a bright blue star.
Snow White dreamed
of a prince near or far.
Belle longed for 
adventure far away.
Jasmine wanted
an escape from the every day.

It starts with a step.
One act of the heart.
One step 
is all it takes
to begin a story. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Inspirational Playlist

I figured that it was about time I made a motivational playlist. 
This is for the new year. 
Get out there and believe in yourself!

Listen to the playlist here:

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Enchanted Grounds

So, I decided to get out of the house today and focus on writing, which persuaded me to actually start being productive for a change. The place I chose to go was Enchanted Grounds. My Dad told me about this place, but I have never been.

Enchanted Grounds is a game store and a coffee shop. Here there are a lot of tables for people playing Dungeons and Dragons, card games and other exciting things. There were a few people just sitting by themselves, with their laptop and a coffee. 
The store itself is very cool. They sell many different kinds of games, and Doctor Who, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings merchandise. 
This place actually reminds me a little of my Uncle Huey's old comic shop, where we would walk in and be surrounded by Marvel characters and pokemon cards. 
It's a nice hangout for people who want to get away, and they even have a bookshelf with a book exchange where you take a book and leave a book. Many of the books on the shelf were by David Eddings and Terry Brooks. 
I ordered a Peppermint Chai and found a spot, close to the books and the window. The barista came around and offered me a free doughnut with bacon wrapped in chocolate. The regulars are very animated, and talking about the Muppets, The Hobbit and how many times one guy visits this place. Apparently it's a joke that creates a burble of laughter among the group that sits next to the Japanese rice paper screen and across from the book exchange bookshelf. 
So I think I've found the perfect place to write on weekdays. After work, I'm going to start coming here and working on a chapter for my novel. I will also recommend their black and white doughnut, which I got to sample for free. 
If you'd like to check this place out, here's their website: 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Journey

There is never a wrong time
to leave it all behind.
To find your courage
and discover your strength.
To walk your own path
no matter its length.

Be the one
who rises above
the naysayers,
the bullies,
the hypocrites,
and the jerks

Don't bully yourself.
Appreciate the quirks.
Accept your good.
Accept your bad.
Allow yourself to be happy.
Allow yourself to be sad.

It's human to want.
It's human to fear.
It's human to get the hell out of here.
It's a declaration
and a pact with yourself. 
Stop ignoring 
those dreams you put on the shelf.

What's holding you back?
Can you answer this true?
You know that it's all about
how you treat you.

Don't wait.
Don't just wish.
Get out there
Follow your bliss.

This year has only just begun. 
Stop waiting for life.
Journey and have fun. 

Who knows what you'll learn.
Who knows where you'll go.
But if you never try,
then you will never know. 


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Heartsong: "Let it go" from Frozen

"The past is in the past."

This song is so inspiring to me. If there's one thing I want to accomplish this year, it is letting go of the past. I'm not that shy and lonely teenager anymore. I'm not that misunderstood twenty year old either. I have grown into a much stronger person, and the only thing holding me back now is myself. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Writing Prompt 61: Favorite scents and smells

Prompt: My ten favorite scents or smells

1. Roses- they remind me of my grandmother, and of course Beauty and the Beast.
2. Rain- the smell of rain always inspires me for some reason.
3. Chocolate- this one is obvious.
4. Chai tea- another obvious one.
5. Cherry Blossoms- subtle yet perfect.
6. Freshly baked cookies- thanks to College, this smell always makes me smile.
7. Pine trees- reminds me of hiking and camping in the mountains.
8. Spear mint- I blame the CSAP.
9. Lavender- a calming scent.
10. Oranges- This is probably influenced by Fruits Basket, but it always makes me happy. 

What are your ten favorite scents?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Keep Moving Forward

So I found this jem on Pinterest, and it relates to a conversation that Dad and I had about the difference between successful people, and people. Ultimately, sucessful people press on, even after rejection. When they are tired, when they are stressed and when they are on the brink of giving up, they don't let those things stop them from pursuing their dreams. They press on, and continue to work, even if they aren't satisfied with what they have. 
They are constantly in motion. One step at a time, they climb that towering mountain, and before you know it, they are there, standing at the peak and smiling at their accomplishment. 
This is what I aspire to be. If I have any resolution this year, it is to be constantly moving forward. No more drama. No more excuses. No more laziness. 
My resolution this year and maybe every year after that is to keep moving forward. To press on, even after a rejection letter. To keep working, even when I want to give up. To write and write and write. 
But more than that. I want to live. To surround myself with positive and encourgaing people. To avoid negativity and anyone who talks down on me. 
I'm going to focus on one goal, and that goal will be completed by the end of this year. One goal. One Year. One simple step forward. 

My New Year's Resolution

This song. Everything about it speaks to me right now. I've kind of put my wants and needs on the back burner. Now it's time to step it up. I'm going to go after that dream. I'm going to work toward it, even when I'm tired and depressed. I will not give up on my dream, and I won't let fear control my life. I'm going to live my life. Starting now!