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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Keep Moving Forward

So I found this jem on Pinterest, and it relates to a conversation that Dad and I had about the difference between successful people, and people. Ultimately, sucessful people press on, even after rejection. When they are tired, when they are stressed and when they are on the brink of giving up, they don't let those things stop them from pursuing their dreams. They press on, and continue to work, even if they aren't satisfied with what they have. 
They are constantly in motion. One step at a time, they climb that towering mountain, and before you know it, they are there, standing at the peak and smiling at their accomplishment. 
This is what I aspire to be. If I have any resolution this year, it is to be constantly moving forward. No more drama. No more excuses. No more laziness. 
My resolution this year and maybe every year after that is to keep moving forward. To press on, even after a rejection letter. To keep working, even when I want to give up. To write and write and write. 
But more than that. I want to live. To surround myself with positive and encourgaing people. To avoid negativity and anyone who talks down on me. 
I'm going to focus on one goal, and that goal will be completed by the end of this year. One goal. One Year. One simple step forward. 

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