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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Enchanted Grounds

So, I decided to get out of the house today and focus on writing, which persuaded me to actually start being productive for a change. The place I chose to go was Enchanted Grounds. My Dad told me about this place, but I have never been.

Enchanted Grounds is a game store and a coffee shop. Here there are a lot of tables for people playing Dungeons and Dragons, card games and other exciting things. There were a few people just sitting by themselves, with their laptop and a coffee. 
The store itself is very cool. They sell many different kinds of games, and Doctor Who, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings merchandise. 
This place actually reminds me a little of my Uncle Huey's old comic shop, where we would walk in and be surrounded by Marvel characters and pokemon cards. 
It's a nice hangout for people who want to get away, and they even have a bookshelf with a book exchange where you take a book and leave a book. Many of the books on the shelf were by David Eddings and Terry Brooks. 
I ordered a Peppermint Chai and found a spot, close to the books and the window. The barista came around and offered me a free doughnut with bacon wrapped in chocolate. The regulars are very animated, and talking about the Muppets, The Hobbit and how many times one guy visits this place. Apparently it's a joke that creates a burble of laughter among the group that sits next to the Japanese rice paper screen and across from the book exchange bookshelf. 
So I think I've found the perfect place to write on weekdays. After work, I'm going to start coming here and working on a chapter for my novel. I will also recommend their black and white doughnut, which I got to sample for free. 
If you'd like to check this place out, here's their website: 

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