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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Wanderer

Step by step
I make my journey
to where . . . 
I do not know.

Through trial and error
grief and wrath
in sunshine,
ice and snow.

Each memory
a delicate moment.
Each mystery 
a climb.

Through the everyday,
the good and bad
I try
to take my time.

New victories.
New losses.
By facing fears
and shame.

I tread on the path,
the rocky road
to explore the world
and discover my own name.

Some seed I plant
will surely grow
while others 
wither and die.

Cage or desert,
hill or mountain,
all I can do is try.

Will I find
where I belong,
and the purpose 
I was made?

Learn my craft,
hone my skill
and become
master in my trade?

As I seek
more than I know,
a wandering 
I will go. 

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