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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Writing Prompt 61: Favorite scents and smells

Prompt: My ten favorite scents or smells

1. Roses- they remind me of my grandmother, and of course Beauty and the Beast.
2. Rain- the smell of rain always inspires me for some reason.
3. Chocolate- this one is obvious.
4. Chai tea- another obvious one.
5. Cherry Blossoms- subtle yet perfect.
6. Freshly baked cookies- thanks to College, this smell always makes me smile.
7. Pine trees- reminds me of hiking and camping in the mountains.
8. Spear mint- I blame the CSAP.
9. Lavender- a calming scent.
10. Oranges- This is probably influenced by Fruits Basket, but it always makes me happy. 

What are your ten favorite scents?

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