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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Journey

There is never a wrong time
to leave it all behind.
To find your courage
and discover your strength.
To walk your own path
no matter its length.

Be the one
who rises above
the naysayers,
the bullies,
the hypocrites,
and the jerks

Don't bully yourself.
Appreciate the quirks.
Accept your good.
Accept your bad.
Allow yourself to be happy.
Allow yourself to be sad.

It's human to want.
It's human to fear.
It's human to get the hell out of here.
It's a declaration
and a pact with yourself. 
Stop ignoring 
those dreams you put on the shelf.

What's holding you back?
Can you answer this true?
You know that it's all about
how you treat you.

Don't wait.
Don't just wish.
Get out there
Follow your bliss.

This year has only just begun. 
Stop waiting for life.
Journey and have fun. 

Who knows what you'll learn.
Who knows where you'll go.
But if you never try,
then you will never know. 


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