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Friday, January 17, 2014


I meet a really cool guy tonight who talked about how he traveled the world for a year. He went to Thailand, Portugal, Europe and went an entire year without really having a place to stay. Listening to him talk about his experiences, how he learned the languages and adapted to the different cultures was really inspiring. 
There's something about wandering, being free to roam where you will, to go to the places you want to go and not be tied down to anytthing. It's an appealing idea to backpack accross Europe, and go out there, experiencing new things and meeting people from around the world. 
Exploring new places and meeting new people sounds like a wonderful thing to do for a year. Who knows what could happen. Each person you'd meet would teach you something new. Each day would be an adventure with stories to share. 
So wanderlust has hit me, and who knows what I will do this year to cure it. 

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