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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Maze Runner: A Movie Review

Last year James Dashner visited the Tattered Cover Bookstore where I worked, and teens were buying his books from us in rushes. After the hype died down, and we were able to get more books in, I finally picked up this book series, and I finished it in three days. It was an epic story and a well written tale that echoed philosophy, archetypal symbolism, and an amazing thriller! 
The movie was a very impressive translation of the book!
The story begins with a boy. His last thoughts of drowning, who wakes in a box, underground, moving toward the surface. This boy doesn't know anything, not even his own name, but he is welcomed by the other boys, and nicknamed Greenie. As his confusing day begins, he panics, unable to remember anything, but he is told it will come back in time. The only thing he knows is the boys live next to the Maze, and they survive through a system where each boy is given a job. The maze is dangerous, and it works like clockwork. The boys organize themselves based on strength, endurance and intelligence. But this boy is different from the others. Where all the others took three days, he learns his name in one. Thomas. 
Thomas is curious, and his bravery, kindness and intelligence helps him survive, and discover the truth behind why he is there, and what he might be meant to do. One thing he is sure of is something else came with him when he arrived, change. As he tests his strength, intelligence and ability to survive, he sets off a series of events that changes the way everyone views the maze, and gives the others hope to discover why they were sent to this place. 
This movie was just as much of a thriller as the book. It had a good balance between the information that the audience needed to know, and the actual progress of events that lead to the truth behind the maze. I recommend it to fans of Dashner's books, The Hunger Games, Ender's Game and anyone who loves an exciting thriller. 
To put it simply, this film was A maze ing ^_^

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Does everything happen for a reason?

People change, places change. Life goes through this crazy cycle of good and bad, peace and chaos. We make decisons. Some have good consequences. Others have bad consequences, but do these things happen for a reason?
As a lover of stories, I like to believe they do. That every bad decision in my life leads to a better one in the future. That every struggle I go through makes me stronger. Every push and pull I deal with teaches me something about myself. But does my attitude create the reason, or does reason create my attitude?
Thoughts matter. There is no doubt about that. Our thoughts shape our world, and the way we view it. Thinking negatively only brings bad things to our attention. Thinking positively usually does the reverse. But what about balance? We're human, and we can't always think on a positive note, and in turn there are days where we're on cloud 9. Are thoughts controlled by these feelings, or are they a simple product of the moment playing through our heads? 
Today, I've already decided it will be a good day, so even if bad things happen (if I trip, or I lose a pen, or a student is out of control) I'm focused on the positive, and in turn life seems positive. But if I falter, is that a bad thing? Or is it just human? Do things happen for a reason? Or do we create the reason things happen?