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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beauty and the Beast sing along event

So I went to the sing along event at the AMC theater. It was amazing watching this movie on the big screen and singing along to all the songs. During "Be Our Guest" confetti wrapped around the words while "Gaston" was graced with Beer bubbles. Beauty and the Beast was blue and gold and "Kill the Beast" was fueled by lightning. Before the movie started, the event featured Disney slides with trivia before the movie. Jordin Sparks also helped us warm up before the show. It was wonderful to see the original film and relive the story through a bigger screen! I'm glad that I was finally able to go to a Beauty and the Beast event and I had a blast singing along with my roommate and friends! Disney music was a requirement to and from the theater. Thanks for a fun night Disney!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beauty and the Beast poem

Both outcasts
Each a rare jewel
Among the provincial
Under the social rule
The longing to belong
Yearning for an adventure

All the time
No one understood
Duty and Heart

The battle for good
Hardly a mystery
Eternal fairytale

Becomes a great story
East of the sun
And West of the Moon
So many tales
To make a rose bloom

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beauty and the Beast collage

One little flower
Started it all
The pain and happiness
From winter to fall

Two Outcasts
Neither the same
One a rebel
The other tame

A lesson to learn
Through patience and time
The story a moral
Reason with rhyme

Both must find
The beauty within
Neither noticed
Their story begin

Monday, September 27, 2010

Creating the Tale as Old as Time

This week is Beauty and the Beast week

Yesterday I read the book, Tale As Old As Time: The Art and making of Beauty and the Beast from cover to cover.
It truly is amazing that the creators of this film went through three different story lines before the making the movie we know today. One of the most difficult challenges in creating a believable story, is creating believable and in their case, up to date characters for the audience to fall in love with. The story would have been completely different if Belle had an aunt or little sister. If the Beast didn't show such expression, or voice subtle perspectives, the audience might not feel enough empathy for him. Of all the amazing facts in the book, I was amazed to discover that Walt Disney himself wanted to create this movie in the 1930s, but the stories always clashed with the message Disney wanted.
Beauty and the Beast, the fairy tale has been around for ages through many versions which vary from culture to culture. This was part of the challenge that Disney ran into. When a story has many different versions, telling a new or modernized version could be difficult. The animators went over the top, as they always do, to grab each and every detail for the beautiful country of France. I really enjoyed all the character sketches and the artwork was amazing! I stared at the painting of the ballroom for a long time.
Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale, so it's no surprise that this is my favorite Disney movie. (Princess and the Frog being a close second) I recommend this book to anyone who loves the movie and fairytale as well.
I rate this book five out of five rose petals. It's amazing to watch all those situations come together and form "The most Beautiful Love Story Ever Told".

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's all about the climb

I learned an important lesson today. Sometimes we get so caught up in the things that we want, that we forget what we already have. This could be anything from planning an event, to expecting a certain material thing or even expecting attention. I know I'm not perfect, and that taking things personally can be ridiculous at times, however some lessons are learned through big mistakes. I guess that's why heartbreak and failure are just as important as love and success. No matter what happens, we learn from these elements in life, and understand more about ourselves. I may even go so far as to say you can learn from embarrassment and ridicule. All these events lead to the knowledge of who you are and who you want to be.
This past month, I've had a destination, but I don't want to take the small steps to get there. Instead, I grow impatient and want to leap the whole nine miles instead of look around and take my time. Instead of paying attention to the baby steps I take, I convince myself that I'm not moving and I won't get there fast enough. The world doesn't work that way. every step brings me closer to my destination, and each step matters. If I didn't take the first step, I would never take the second step.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Epic fun :)

Two words for The Legend of the Guardians : The Owls of Ga'hoole movie:
Epic Owls
I give the movie four out of five owl feathers. It's not five because there was a little too much slow motion. Great Story, Characters and A lot of fun

Friday, September 24, 2010

Warning: Writer at Work

Warning: Writer at Work
Known to throw papers across the room
Talk to herself or to the paper
Blast music for inspiration
Pace rapidly through the room
Become easily distracted with sandwiches, lemonade and video games
May randomly yell "That's It!" or "Ah HA!"
Has a habit of staring at the wall, paper, desk, window and computer screen for long periods of time
Could possibly burst out the door on a random whim for a walk
May stare at leaves, rays of sunshine and other inspirational scenes of nature
Could ask you, "What is your perspective of a Spring day?"
When making a confused face, it is best to prepare for a random thought
Could look through several books and take notes to get ideas
If writer appears confused, frustrated, hyper, irritated, thoughtful or determined, it may be best to return at a later time
Writer may scribble furiously, as if their life depended on it or make the sound of a down pour through the speed of typing on the computer or type writer

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Something Blue 5 Kal'nos the blue Void

Kal'nos The Blue Void

"Kal'nos" Beryl yelled while giving her minion a glare. Three seconds ago, she was running through Silver Moon when Kal'nos spotted the fluffy white bunny in the fountain. Beryl watched her minion run after the creature and sighed. She still had not mastered her commands and spells. Kal'nos may complain a lot, but he was given more freedom than most minions. However, this was only due to the fact that Beryl was new at this. Kal'nos enjoyed grumbling while Beryl worked on memorizing spells and using the dragon hawks for target practice. This was the way Kal'nos showed his irritation, by finding a bunny and going after it while he had the chance. Beryl had her own ways of handling this. She stood on top of the fountain and watched Kal'nos try to reach the bunny.
"Kal'nos. We've been through this. When I say come, you come. When I say stop, you stop. When I say, "Don't chase that bunny, you don't chase that bunny."
The blue void glared with his usual evil eye. Beryl still wasn't used to it.
"I want the bunny." Kal'nos grumbled.
"Will you do as I say if you get it?" Beryl asked with exhaustion. This was only the second day with her minion, and she already understand the frustration of having an unhappy void of nothingness following you around and complaining no matter what he did. Master? Beryl was starting to think the word "babysitter" was more appropriate. Still, even though she was a warlock, she still felt a tiny bit of pity for her new companion. maybe the bunny would be a motivator.
"Alright" Beryl said, nodding her head. "You can have the bunny on one condition."
Kal'nos seemed to understand there was a price to pay.
"If you follow my next three commands."
As the blood- elves watched, Beryl told Kal'nos to stay, follow and disappear. When the lesson was over, she picked up the bunny and set it in the grass.
While Kal'nos chased the rabbit. Beryl sat and ignored all the chuckles and smirks from her fellow species.
"One day at a time." She whispered as Kal'nos caught the bunny, then let it go to chase it more.
"I'll get there eventually."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


In the epic movie The Prince of Persia, Dastan tells princess Tamina, "I believe we make our own destiny. . ." This quote stuck with me and made me think.
The idea of destiny is that there is a plan and a goal to fulfill in life. The path will always lead to the same destination no matter which way you turn. The idea that we make our own destiny is that no matter what people say might be our fate, we can change that if we have the motivation to. Destiny may exist, and it may be a self fulfilling prophecy that we give ourselves in order to be accomplished. Destiny can be good or bad depending on the way we view it. So if something is your destiny, is this because you decided this was your fate? Or was the fate predicted for you? If you decide you won't be a certain way, chances are you wont.
This must be why therapists want people to think positive. There has to be a motivation in order to reach the ultimate goal. This goal could be destiny. As with most things in life, it could be a blessing or a curse.
Although, I agree with Dastan. I think we choose to be who we are, and that destiny is the goal we reach to decide who we are. So what is destiny? Is it fate or choice that governs life? Or maybe it is something in between. Decisions you make can also determine your fate. In a way you control your destiny by deciding who to be.
All this from one simple quote in a movie about turning back time. It's an interesting topic to discuss.
So do characters choose to be who they are, or does the author?

Fanfic: Just for fun

Just because I've been in a Princess and the Frog mood lately ^_^ I wrote this awhile ago, but I thought I'd share it for fun.

Title: The Secret Ingredient
Summary: After a long night at Tiana's Palace, Naveen decides to reward Tiana for all her hard work.
Rating: G
Spoilers: Happens after the movie ;)
Author's note: This story was actually inspired by this poster I bought:

Disclaimer: I don't own Princess and the Frog
All characters are copyright of Disney

The Secret Ingredient

"Eggs, Flour, Sugar..."

Tiana checked off each item as the restaurant closed for the night. Prince Naveen watched her from his work station, just cleaned, and he noticed the princess try to hide a yawn with a sigh. It had been a long night. Big Daddy and Charlotte had invited their personal guests to dine at Tiana's Palace.

Naveen knew his wife would try to make everything perfect, and he did his best in the kitchen and on the stage. All night, Tiana monitored and managed her restaurant. Now, the suave prince crept up behind her and snatched the list from her hand.

Tiana knew only one person in the world who would interrupt her hard work, her husband.

"Ah, so this is the list," The prince ignored Tiana's glare as he read the inventory out loud.

"Tobasco sauce, mushrooms, peppers..." he paused.

"What?" Tiana rolled her eyes. She knew he was up to something.

"Something is missing," Naveen stated.

"And what would that be?"

Naveen looked around. The bussers and chefs were almost done cleaning, and soon the restaurant would be empty.

"I think it is this way," Naveen explained, while he took a confused Tiana's hand and led her up the staircase. The roof was quiet as the stars twinkled above the couple.

"Naveen," Tiana said in irritation, "We just finished cleanin' up here."

The prince ignored her and gave Louis, who sat on the bayou below the balcony, a subtle cue.

"Is that music?" Tiana asked gently. Naveen only grinned and extended his hand for a dance.

"Alright," Tiana laughed, "but just one."

They took small steps and Naveen gave her a twirl. They were lost in the music.

"Have you found the missing ingredient?" Naveen asked softly.

"I think I might have."

They stopped dancing and as Naveen leaned in for a kiss, Tiana stopped him.

"Hold it. Is your work done?" she asked with a smirk.

"Of course," Naveen laughed. You could never slip anything under his wife's gaze.

"Because if it isn't, you in all sorts of trouble."

"It is done," he promised.

Satisfied, Tiana caressed his cheek and whispered, "I think I found the missin' ingredient."

"I knew you would," Naveen whispered.

As the last employees filed out, and Louis finished his ballad, Tiana and Naveen shared a kiss under the soft glow of Ray and Evangeline.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesdays as prompt days Prompt 1

On Tuesdays, I'm going to choose a random prompt and write one. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them :)
This prompt is taken from creative writing prompts at

The prompt is: Write a letter to the ten year old child you had been

Dear 10 year old self,

This is your 22nd year old self. I won't tell you all the things you'll go through for two reasons. One, you wont believe me. And two, you must make your own path. If I'm guessing correctly, you enjoy watching Sailor Moon on weekends and trading Pokemon cards with the boys at school and the neighbors down the street. Keep this up! You won't regret it later. I know that you love a good challenge and if I were to give you any advice, it would be to continue that attitude. You will survive more obstacles if you always see them as adventures waiting to be taken. I realize that you like Sailor Moon for a reason. You love mythology and stories. Trust me when I say that love will grow stronger with time. Stories will weave through your life as thread woven in a grand tapestry. Use them when you need courage, motivation and above all, patience. I also know that you love Disney. I doubt that will ever go away. It is a part of who you are to enjoy childhood and find contentment in the messages of those stories.
I do have a word of warning, and you may or may not take this advice. My warning is, don't run away. You will know when the time is right to face the things you are afraid of. Another warning, take your time, don't rush and miss the bigger picture. This will not be easy to do when the time comes, but you may not regret what you tried to do.
On a lighter note, that Cosplay and Anime thing won't go away. It becomes a part of your personality. Music will always be important as well. You won't forget that you can sing and escape, just as you write and escape. These two hobbies will save your life several times in the battles you face within.
I know your weaknesses also. You always want to be the champion. You are determined to win no matter what. I can tell you now that you will eventually lose. You must not let that loss get to you though. It's one battle out of many victorious ones that you have fought. I also know that you will develop a fear that may become an obstacle. I won't tell you what this is, because you must learn this fear yourself. You have a big lesson ahead of you, but I know that you have the strength and courage to overcome it. Another important thing, you are never alone in your darkest moments. Whenever you struggle, your family and friends will be there and you don't need to beat yourself up for that. Okay so I'm lecturing myself. I do that. And you can't say that you don't because I know that's a lie.
There are several things I still want to say. One, I'm proud of you. You have already dealt with hardships and I know you always try to be tough in sticky situations. Two, I miss you. I can safely say that your bravery is at its zenith and may fall in due time. Stay strong and believe in yourself. These sayings may be the cheesiest and most obvious pieces of advice, but they are always true. You are strong no matter what. Never forget that and always face your fears using the courage you and I both know exists. Just do your best. Enjoy the fun. Learn from mistakes. Never forget to live life.
Your future self

Monday, September 20, 2010

For Mom on our Birthday

Sharing a birthday
Is always so fun
When you celebrated
My life had begun
We share things in common
Personalities and flair
Whatever I needed
You're always there
We laughed through Twilight
Reminisced in Princess and the Frog
Weekends and Holidays
We pamper the dog
Las Vegas was awesome
Disney was great
Casa Bonita and Armadillo
put sopapillas on our plate
Through train rides and tractors
Happiness and fear
Our birthday is always
The best day of the year
Love ya Mom Happy Birthday ^_^

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Curiosity and Imagination

Thimbu sat very still as he watched the ground below. His mother, Koshka was watching nearby as his other siblings pounced around the rocks. What was down there? He couldn't tell from this distance. Something was moving the leaves.
"Thimbu" his mother called from her spot. "Don't wander off."
He looked up and gave her a distracted nod. He walked along the edge until he found a rock to jump on. He didn't notice that Zaria and Ashaka had joined him.
"Whatcha doin Thimbu?" Akasha asked.
"Watching." He replied, "Something's down there."
Koshka observed as all three cubs looked down. She could only watch for a moment before Nikolai pounced on her and tugged her ear.
"Mom, I still want to play." the cub whined, jumping around the dirt.
"Go play with your brothers and sisters." Koshka sighed, "We just woke up."
Nikolai walked over to the edge and stretched in the sun. He was bored.
Meanwhile, Thimbu, Akasha and Zaria were still focused on the leaves, which moved in the shade.
"What do you think it is?" Zaria asked.
"I bet it's a fish!" Akasha said.
"Fish need water." Zaria shook her head.
"I bet it's a bug!" Thimbu exclaimed while hunching over in concentration.
"You're all wrong, I know what it is." Nikolai said as he ran through the bush. "It's a monkey!"
"A monkey?" all three cubs asked in unison.
Koshka, amused by their game, simply watched as her cubs waited for the monkey to come out of the leaves. She knew the answer. The wind had been rustling the leaves through a soft breeze. She let out a yawn as she basked in the sun. If she told them the answer, she'd ruin their fun. That's the way it always is with cubs. It's all about curiosity and imagination.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A reflection on blue

Sometimes I miss the greens, reds, yellows and browns on a nice day. All I see is blue, stretching for miles across the sky. White foggy patches lie here and there. They cloud my vision and block the sun. In front of me is a road which I am not on. Instead I lounge on a hill that faces the road, always looking down. The breeze brushes by every now and then as quiet occupies the air. There is always a bit of blue in everyday. It could be the birds that land on a branch. It could be the flower, basking in the sun. A butterfly could land on a leaf, changing everything.
Blue doesn't always need to represent sadness. Sometimes it is a simple detail in a variety of colors. It could be a lesson on handling the chaos of life. Blue is always there. Its ambiguity makes life more beautiful in the midst of strife. It may come in many shades but it adds a contrast to the colors of life.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Three Good Things Nineteen

1. Watched Alice in Wonderland
2. Passed my quiz :)
3. Watched Merlin series 3 episode 1 ;)

Slaying the darkness within

I had to write a proposal for an essay on Mythology and a movie or book of my choice. So I popped in Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton while doing the dishes and lo and behold I saw the myth quest! The myth quest starts with society needing an object of some kind to become whole again. This object is the vorpal sword, a symbol of courage. They then search for the hero to go on a journey to retrieve the object and thus heal society. Alice is the hero in her own myth quest. She travels through Wonderland, which could also be her subconscious, because she is lost and doesn't know who she is. Along the way she meets the archetypes of the fool (Chesire Cat), mentor (Hatter), seer(Absolum), and caregiver(The White Queen) to aid her journey. Of course the ultimate climax is the end battle with the Jabberwocky and the queens, Red and White. Alice must now face the darkness within, as the passive side of herself must battle the aggressive side. The white queen and red queen are shadows of Alice at an extreme. One represents light while the other represents darkness. Thus the entire story of Alice journeying through Wonderland is the myth quest where Alice journeys through her subconscious to discover who she is. At the end of the film she has conquered the shadow (Jabberwocky) and banished the darkness (Red Queen). While Alice travels through Wonderland, she learns about herself and ultimately transforms into who she wants to be. It's no wonder I enjoyed this movie! It has a great plot and a timeless storyline.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Three Good Things Eighteen

1. Ate a cookie
2. Ate delicious chicken and veggies
3. Managed to survive a series of impossible events

How to play the Prince of Persia video game

1. Use sand only when necessary! Sand does not grow on trees
2. Don't expect solid ground for a long period of time
3. Get used to the prince's comments
4. Don't stay in one place (It's practically impossible in this game)
5. Water is the best thing on earth (look for it often)
6. Yes, you can run up walls and will be required to
7. look for holes in the wall, it will lead you an epic drink of water
8. Bash things that are in you way
9. Have patience, you will be watching the prince die several times
10. On that note, when the prince dies, it didn't happen
11. Don't expect the puzzles to get any easier as time goes on
12. Learn to be flexible, literally.
13. floors will fall from under you, get used to it
14. Impossibility is a possibility
15. You have activated everything you have to avoid, this seems to be a theme
16. Good Luck, you'll need it

Monday, September 13, 2010

Three Good Things Seventeen

1. got my homework done!
2. Bought cookies
3. Played video games

Branded by Pulse

Marked by destiny
Chosen by divinity
This is the focus
Of the pulse Lcie
Forced to do the task
The Falcie create
Their time is in a limited flask
They have been marked by fate
Only two paths
Crystal or Cieth
The Falcie choose
to draw the sword from the sheath
The journey could be long or short
Depending on the Falcie's sport
A game or curse
Only Lcie can decide
to follow their purpose
Or from their focus, hide
The brave ones choose
To face their cause
The cowards put
their life on pause
If Lcie follow their heart
Their journey will start
The ultimate test
to be the best

Final Fantasy X AMV - Breakaway

My signature karaoke song :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Three Good Things Sixteen

1. Went to Nan Desu Kan
2. Ate at Benihana's (an awesome restaurant) to celebrate a friend's birthday
3. Sang karaoke at a bar with friends!

Rules for going to Nan Desu Kan

1. Hugs and photos are allowed, but not pick up lines.
2. Prepare for crowding in hallways, panel rooms and food lines
3. Make way for the big costumes, they do have difficulty moving despite appearances
4. Expect a lot of Japanese culture, this includes Pocky, Ramune Soda and Sushi!
5. Props are an extention of anyone's costume, complement them and stay out of their way.
6. Dyed, Sprayed and Spiked hair is common
7. If you are near a convention, it is fine to ask what's going on
8. For regular Coners, get your cash in advanced, only some vendors take cards
9. Photo shoots are commonplace, look for cameras and avoid being in other pictures
10. Get at every panel in advance, lines go longer than the room's space
11. No cameras or cellphones are allowed in the vending rooms.
12. Normal people are rare in cons while characters from Kingom Hearts to Where is Waldo are common sights.
13. Be assertive, not aggressive, when in the Ebay room, these vendors have many customers at once.
14. Have fun! The Kan is a fun way to celebrate the Anime Halloween! Dress up and play the part :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Three Good Things Fifteen

1. Ate jellybeans!
2. Worked on costume
3. played Kingdom Hearts

Something Blue 4

A crystal forest made of blue
Raindrops like sapphires
Aquamarine dew
The sky reflects
The stars and moon
The beautiful lagoon

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Three Good Things Fourteen

1. Made EPIC CUPCAKES with the roomies!
2. Worked more on costume
3. Played video games


3 cups of giggles
4 and 3/4 cup o'fun!
4 bright neon bottles of food coloring
(stains may occur)
4 hyper roommates
(results vary)
1 box of Pillsbury FunFetti Cake mix
1 cupcake pan
a kitchen with an oven
a good movie
cupcake holders
cake pan
1 camera
21 random colored cupcakes
1 Yin Yang cupcake
1 epic swirly cupcake

Instructions: Do whatever you want! Just have sober fun ^_^

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Three Good Things Thirteen

1. wore my Gwen dress
2. have all the all pieces for the Serah Farron costume
3. watched The Phantom of the Opera

Bubble Theory

Everything is made of bubbles. These bubbles are actually so tiny that you can't see them with your naked eye. (This is not a parody of string theory, the theory that everything is made of strings.) These bubbles are particles that govern the entire system of the laws of physics. In fact, if you look at the vast universe, it's really a bubble, an incredibly large bubble that contains universes, nebula, stars, planets, comets, asteroids and of course Earth. This bubble lives directly next to another bubble that could be governed by different laws of physics. It may not even be similar to our universe at all. In fact our universe could be like a cupcake on which we are only a tiny slice. Going by this strange idea, it should be noted that the 3 dimensions could only be a piece of the slice we live on. I propose that there are 25 different dimensions mathmatically predicted by Stanley Cookoo. This idea also goes by the name "I theory"which stands for the "Impossible Theory". Although this theory cannot be experimented with or proven, I must ask you to consider it.
Dr. Bubbles

Monday, September 6, 2010

Three Good Things Twelve

1. Worked on Serah Farron costume with Mom
2. Watched the second Indiana Jones movie
3. Watched The Princess Diaries 1 and 2

Directions for Sewing a Pattern

1. Cut out pieces (without making mistakes)
2. Read instructions (at least 50 times)
3. Make sure you have everything (this includes Band aids, Creative words and a stitch ripper)
4. Have patience (This one can be difficult and can cause major irritation)
5. Have Thread (have plenty of it with a very sharp seam ripper handy)
6. Be prepared to alter everything (no one is the same size!)
7. Bring chocolate (you'll need it between every ten minutes of sewing)
8. Have a good pair of scissors (as sharp as possible/ Use caution when patience grows thin)
9. Never ever ever cut inside lines!!!! (You will regret it later)
10. Don't mix pattern pieces (This always causes confusion)
11. When going to the store, pretend to understand everything about your project (Yes, I know which fabrics I need and whether the finished product will look correct)
12. Play music or movies in the background (This will distract the beast within you)
13. Be gentle with the sewing machine (Its your friend not your enemy)
14. Avoid tantrums (This leads to destructive behavior used on your project or sewing machine)
15. Know your fabric like the back of your hand (this is self explanatory)
16. Never lose the instructions (In this case it wouldn't be productive to wing it)
17. Have fun, you can throw a big party when it's over!

Three Good Things Eleven

1. Watched a Horse show!
2. Built a LEGO garden
3. Held a bunny for almost two hours

The Fair (yesterday's blog)

The Fair, The Fair
Let's all go to the fair
There are pillow pets, guitars and corn dogs there!
See the horses make patterns in sand, spin and trot
The goats, sheep, llamas and a bunny named Spot
Admire the winners of the best in show
Learn Leather Crafting, Bead Working, and how to sew
See the puppies and kitties
The colts and the pigs
Buy makeup, jewelry and fancy wigs
Build LEGO houses and gardens for the city
Stare at the homemade dresses and bags which are very pretty
Run through the bubbles that fill the street
Buy corn dogs and fajitas to eat
Listen to music, live from the stage
Stare at the pastries that will never age
Walk all around, there's so much to see
The fair, the fair will fill you with glee!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Three Good Things Ten

1. Garage Sale!
2. Watched Breakfast at Tiffany's
3. Had a blast with visiting friends

The Dragon

I face the dragon every day
When will the dragon go away?
It stands before me big and tall
I start to feel incredibly small
As I move forward with sword and shield
The dragon roars! It will not yield
Still I tell myself I am strong
Though the dragon tells me I am wrong
Time passes and the same battle ensues
I notice the dragon gives me clues
A shadow and nemesis it may be,
but the scariest one looks just like me
My flaws before me I try to hide
The scariest foes are always inside
Running away does not help
I trip and let out a tiny yelp
The dragon gains with speed of light
It wants nothing more than a fight
My sword and shield ready in hand
I prepare to make a final stand
The dragon stops, shakes its head
breathes fire and turns my shield to a pool of lead
I hold the sword, my last resort
Then I hear the dragon give a snort
It swipes the weapon clean away
My stance begins to tremble and sway
Though I could run, I hold my ground
From the dragon I can always be found
With one quick breath I take a chance
The dragon and I share a glance
Step by step I make my way
To the enemy, until today
Self to self
we make amends
Dragon and humans
can be friends

Friday, September 3, 2010

Three Good Things Nine

1. Had lunch with friends at Qdoba
2. Helped organize for the Garage Sale
3. Took a nap


What the Archetype wants, the archetype gets. Just watch any Disney movie. But do archetypes govern real life as well? That, I'm not so sure of. Are archetypes always stereotypes? How about the "damsel in distress"? That's a definite stereotype. Watch any movie or read any story.
So first of all what are archetypes? According to my Mythology class they are the subconscious forming in the conscious. In other words, archetypes mean something. A great writer knows archetypes and the "myth quest" to create a great story. But my question is; Do archetypes actually exist in real life?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Three Good Things Eight

1. Ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch
2. worked on Costume
3. Played WOW and watched Tarzan!


This is how I feel today. . .
I can't really think of good things either....
Sorry guys :(

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Good Things Seven

1. Went to Borders and talked to assistant manager at Borders about job application
2. Had jelly beans!
3. Bought interfacing for Serah Farron costume!

Tooth n Pull

This was inspired by Professor Worley telling us that faeries are tricky, no matter what disguise they have!

Tooth n Pull (tooth fairy operated service)

Wanted: Teeth
preferably in good condition
no cavities
no plaque
Use: unspecified
Reason: It's what we do
We take anything from fangs to baby teeth
Tusks do not get a bonus
Price of tooth will be determined by the size and age
Pillows are required
Description: Usually ranges from white to yellow
We will not come if you set traps
(That's what Leprechauns are for)
No we don't give Christmas presents or Easter eggs
Fake fangs and such from gift shops are not tolerated
and will cause a ban from the List for two years