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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Three good Things Six

1. Talked to random guy at the library
2. Watched Lilo and Stitch
3. Cut out fabric for Serah Farron costume!

Crystallized Heart

Creating stories
Reading all the time
Yielding to fear
Singing through the heart
Temporarily preserved
Always asking questions
Living life
Learning lessons
Imagining worlds
Zipping through school days
Enjoying the wonders of life
Dancing slowly but surely

Harboring wishes
Embarking a self journey

Monday, August 30, 2010

Three Good Things Five

1. Found material and pattern for Serah costume
2. Was able to stay awake in class
3. My Roommate found the remote!

Adventures of Eilonwy and Bertolf

Eilonwy took a step away from the water elementals she had been told to kill. If only these pirates on Booty Bay and the hunters in Stranglethorn could collect their own Raptor teeth, water bracers, pelts, paws, claws and wings. Everyday she would go to a village or town and listen to the pleas and stories of villagers. Sure, this was her job, and yet sometimes she she wanted to sit back and relax for awhile. Aside from constantly killing deer for Bertolf's dinner, she enjoyed hunting for plants and selling leather on the side. She felt a cold nose brush her hand and saw Bertolf, looking hungry. After tossing him a piece of meat, she turned to see that a few water elementals had reappeared on the island. The once vacant island now harbored three water elementals. She sat down by the tree and waited. If she had luck, someone else would be on this quest and wipe the island clean. Bertolf growled and circled her feet. He was ready for more.
"After you". Eilonwy smiled as she drew her bow. It was just another day in the life of a night elf hunter. As she finished off the last elemental, Eilonwy turned to see a beautiful sunset over the water.
"At least I got to see this gorgeous site." she told herself.
She stood there for a moment, taking it all in. Then she turned to Bertolf.
"Come on buddy. Let's turn this batch in".

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Three Good Things 4

1. I rode water rides at Elitch Gardens for the first time
2. I survived A 187 foot drop
3. Let go without a ticket by a cop.

A useful metaphor

Life is like a roller coaster
There are times
You scream your worries away
There are times
You're scared but ride anyway
You let gravity guide
Your ride of life
Go with the flow
Enjoy what you can
Take a chance
Travel the path
Don't miss out
On something fun
The ride has only just

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Three Good Things 3

1. Friends came over!
2. Watched Ponyo
3. Watched Coraline

Blurb on Books

Well, I went through my garage sale stuff today with the help of my family and friends, and I discovered that most of my stuff consists of books. This reminded me that I plan to have a library in my dream home and I'll probably have a great big book sale every year to keep my library going. I may even begin to build a house with all the books I have. At times like this, I envy Belle's library from Beauty and the Beast. Maybe a castle could hold all the books I wish for. Anyway, I'm going to say that this book fetish is just a small (but crucial) part of my personality as a writer. Yeah, we'll go with that.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Three Good Things 2

This will actually be six good things one set for each of the days I missed...
day 1:

1. I read an awesome book
2. spoke up a lot in Mythology class
3. watched The Princess and the Frog with the roomies

day 2:

1. Watched Beauty and the Beast with the roomies
2. Watched Mulan with the roomies
3. Had chocolate chip cookies for the first time this month!

Checklist for a garage sale

1. Garage (hence the name)
2. Price tags (bought at local store)
3. Schedule (you have to plan these events a little in advance)
4. Stuff (or junk, whichever you prefer)
5. Family/Friends (this makes the sales day more exciting)
6. Sunny Day or Mildly cloudy day (this is left to chance)
7. Posters/ Signs (Only if you want people to come)
8. Cheerful Disposition (optional but a nice idea)
9. The ability to let go (This comes with practice)
10. Organization (also optional but a little more efficient)

Inspiration for this prompt is due to the fact that my family is having a garage sale, but we decided to wait until next weekend because
a) we have no price tags
b)we have no posters
c)we haven't decided where to put everything

Suggestions and Advice are appreciated!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Something Blue 3

Clear Blue Sky
The sky is blue. In the Buddhist book I read, one of the meditations they suggest is to imagine your mind as the blue sky with each thought a cloud, blown through the landscape. The next step is to imagine a wind that clears all your thoughts away, leaving you with only the vast, blue sky to focus on.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Arthur Gwen fluff

For the record I love this kiss he he :)

The Four Agreements

Hello! How are you today? Today I feel awesome! I'm in a great mood and everything around me seems to be going well.

Pause, and think for a moment what comes to mind as you read this. Do you believe my words? Do you, yourself feel happy reading them? If you do, you passed. Would you like to know the reason why? Because I meant every single word I typed.
Now after that reflection, you will understand why I would recommend The Four Agreements by Don Miquel Ruiz to anyone of any age. This book is about choosing to be happy. Depression is also a choice.
So, what are the four agreements?
1. Be impeccable with your word (say it and mean it)
2. Don't take anything personally (It's not all about you)
3. Don't make assumptions (You can't read everyone's mind)
4. Always do your best

These simple agreements will affect the way you think, feel and live. Of course it is not easy to do these things all the time. But by being aware that you are the only person who controls your life, you dump so much baggage!

Last night I worked myself up into a giant black hole of depression, anxiety and disappointment. Then I started reading my journal. I read all my thoughts and discovered that the answer to my problem was right in front of me! Of course I wasn't convinced, but after a long and helpful chat with my friend Remy, I realized I had known the solution deep down. I just chose to ignore it.

Here's an excerpt of what I read in my journal:
Do you ever feel trapped in a fish bowl? Like the world goes on in a whole different area than your own? You watch from the sidelines, just wondering what it would be like if you were the one out there, doing something. This is how I feel

I go for awhile on this tangent, but then I write:
It's easier to observe the world. It's harder to live in it. So maybe that's the reason. The reason why I let myself make a box with invisible walls the size of a skyscraper was because I knew, and didn't want to accept that participating in life is hard. But you know, sitting on the sidelines isn't easy either. You miss out on the pain sure, but you also miss out on the fun, the happiness, the understanding and well. . . life!
I wrote this a year ago, sitting by the window of the dorm and staring at the people walking by, smiling and laughing. Even then, when I had told myself there was no solution, it was in front of me all along! ME! A wise friend told me, "It's all in your head," another wise one told me, "Life is about perspective". I know now that this is so incredibly true that it's completely hard to ignore. Think about it. You're in rush hour traffic, annoyed about the world, letting your thoughts sink you in a ditch and suddenly you notice that a little boy is sitting in the car in front of you waving and grinning like he won the lottery. What do you do? According to this book you have two choices:
1. ignore the boy and continue to brood
2. wave and smile back

In this situation, I chose option number 2. All of a sudden, I felt better. So all the junk in your head is your choice to keep or throw out. Negative thoughts, words, feelings, memories are in there to justify how you feel. It's the oldest rule in the world. "You can't love others until you love yourself." Here's why, emotions are contagious. So because everyone in the world wants to be happy deep down, they want you to be happy also. When you are happy, you bring so much into the world that people enjoy. It's completely true, and I realized this with the help of Remy, my roommate and the book I just finished reading. This is something I felt like sharing, and I hope it is one step toward the goal of finding myself.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Three Good Things

Three Good Things that happened today:

Wasn't late to class
Was told to "have a magical day!"
Was waved at by cute guys during a phone conversation on the balcony

Things to distract you from worry

Rain drops
Long walks
Ice Cream
Video Games
Teddy Bears
BOOKS! (The happy kind)
Fairy tales
Fruit Salad

Monday, August 23, 2010

College Life Syllabus:

Required Materials:
Video Games (includes a healthy dose of procrastination)
Money for Textbooks (Used and New)
Running shoes (good for late days)
Actively interested mind (sold in separate jars)
Cellphone (not for texting)
student mask: makes faces that show interest, ask questions, look awake, alert
Calander/ Planner
Candy, Pizza
Car, (absolutely required!)
Foghorn (used when studying puts you to sleep)
Alarm Clock (Who doesn't have one?)
Chocolate (for eating and aroma therapy)
Heavy Duty backpack (Durable enough to carry half of your life in it)
Map (you need to know where you're going in these places)
Pens/Pencils (using blood is optional)
Tooth brush (PLEASE)
Deodorant (PLEASE)
Tools (you must fix things you brake)
Brightly colored things (to keep you awake)
Decorations (warning can cause severe paranoia from roommate or friends)
Bug Spray (at least in Greeley)
Notebooks (used for doodling, random journaling and *whispers* note passing)
Time in a bottle (to be used sparingly)
Three boxes of quiet (only to be used during roommate fights or study hours)
Maturity (Absolutely required)

Synopsis: Welcome to College! I'm your professor Mr. Joy Killer! That is speelled J, O, Y, K, I, L,L, E, R. I will be teaching you how to live as an adult (possibly). How to pick your major (likely to change often). And, How to deal with life (sort of).
Good Luck. You'll need it. Hope you survive. The class will last until you graduate. (Time of graduation will vary depending on fees, class clashes, financial aid and self control). That is all!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Images flash
Through the night
Opinions and Thoughts
Take their flight
Over water
Wind and air
Never spoken
Always there
Elements clash
Flowers grow
Time goes by
Fast and slow
One true fact
Struggles can seem
Like a fleeting
Permanent dream

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ship of the Sirens part 2

Adele watched the mansion disappear on the horizon. She had made her decision. Marc showed her how to use the ropes and tie the sails for their journey.
"Where are we going?" Adele asked, breaking the silence.
"Jacques told me only to tell you your destination."
"Well, that's helpful." Adele tried not to roll her eyes. "What can you tell me then?"
"Only that our voyage must be complete in three days. During this time, you must learn how to sail the seas. Whether you see Jacques or not depends on the way you can keep a secret. He wasn't supposed to survive."
Adele bit her tongue, knowing that if she asked Marc what that meant, he would shake his head in silence.
"What do I need to learn?"
"How to survive the Siren Islands. These islands are more of a myth than an actual place. Jacques needs to find his father there. He will tell you the full story, but I must warn you that words are not always truthful here. Once you begin your training, you will face many threats and harbor many secrets."
"With that introduction, I suggest we get started." Adele took the pearl necklace and hid it in her pocket. Not trusting anyone seemed key, even from her own teacher. It was time to fend for herself.
Marc went to the map and handed Adele the dagger.
"This map and dagger are the tools we used to find you. The necklace is a gift. Only wear it when you feel you are in danger. The points of blood are where we believe the islands are. Rough waters border their shores. Your first lesson is to sail through a storm."

Friday, August 20, 2010

Astronomical and Philosophical

I'm reading about Buddhist Philosophy, and I've been getting back into Astronomy. Lately, I've found a connection between the two. One of the ways to obtain peace is to accept that you are small. What better way to do this then stare at awe at the night sky? Once you stand under a sea of stars, galaxies, planets and meteors, you find that all your worries cannot compare to the number of stars in the sky. The universal approach of life has always been a deep and inspiring way to feel connected to the world. All the burdens become nothing compared to the vast realm of the universe.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Something Blue 2

The Ship of the Sirens docked into port during the middle of the night. Adele had not seen the ship in ten years. The Leroux mansion, located by the dock, was bustling with the masked ball. Adele had slipped away from the crowd to find some quiet. What she found was the ghost ship, with no one on it. Her curiosity and hope got the better of her. She left the mansion and made her way down to the ship. The eerie blue glow gave her goosebumps as she walked on the boat without using a plank. Jacques, the local merchant's son had decided to take a trip with his father to The Siren Islands to trade for a living. Adele took careful steps, unsure whether the ship was sturdy enough to stay intact. She made her way to the captain's cabin and found a map, with a spec of blood where the islands were located. A dagger was placed horizontally below the map along with a pearl necklace she recognized. As she picked it up, she noticed something, the ship was moving.
She stared out the window and realized she was already two miles from the Leroux mansion. The only way back was to swim. While she debated whether to leave, a voice made her turn around.
"Adele, Jacques is expecting you."
"Who are you?"
"My name is Marc. I'm a friend of Jacques. I've come to bring you back. But, you do have a choice. I can make the boat return, and you can forget about this incident, or you can come with me and find out what happened to Jacques."
Adele stared at the masque with a heavy heart. She never felt like she would become a proper lady. Her choice was very simple, wear the mask forever or discover the truth for herself.
"Let's go."

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Self Reflection

I am currently on a journey to myself. This is mainly because at the moment I feel lost and confused. There are a few pieces of advice people give me when I tell them this. The most common is the response, "You need to forgive yourself." While I know this statement is completely true, I am still unsure how to do that. Another thing I am told is to "grow up" and "face life". This is all sound advice, but I have no process in mind for how to do this as well. I'm told that I'm stronger than I know, but that doesn't help if I don't believe it, so now I have decided I must go through a delicate process in order to understand who I am. This doesn't mean my life is any different from anyone. This also doesn't mean that I'm the only one with problems in the world. Believe me when I say, "I know that". But this ancient saying keeps crawling in the back of my mind, "You can't love others until you love yourself". In my life I face a ridiculous fear. The fear of intimacy, social situations, trust. This fear can best be described as a giant bear banging on the fortress I created with my own pessimistic thoughts. But I have never seen the bear. I may not even hear the bear's growl because I have closed myself in a painfully tiny hut made of the sturdiest expectations and materials I could find. So, yes I need to find a way to lower the wall, face the bear and gain courage. But how do I do that?
So now I turn to the many outlets, coping mechanisms and self help tools that exist. And there are thousands. Imagine floating in a sea with numerous life and rescue boats far off in the distance. Which will you swim to for help? And that's really the hardest thing, making that effort to find the help you need and the courage you crave. Anyway, I decided to start looking within, and ignore all outside expectations. These expectations include having a boyfriend, getting married in a few years and the ever popular "adult" attitude on media. I once tried to please everyone, and only ended up more miserable than I could have imagined. Before I can even face that bear beating on my wall, I must learn why I am afraid of it. I must discover what makes me feel so weak and helpless. Most importantly, I must decide what I actually want in life.
I have a metaphor. I picture myself as a flower in a pond that hasn't bloomed yet. While every flower around it has already bloomed, this flower hesitates, expecting the worst and harboring a secret desire for the best. Safe under the water and lily pads, it feels no need to bloom for fear of being trampled by a down pour or dried up in a drought. This flower has no balance. Always moving from one extreme to the other, it lives in a world of only good or bad. My goal is to bloom. Slowly but surely every flower must grow and discover what color they are, how tall they will be and what difference they will make in the world. Blooming takes time, and time takes practice.

Three Words: Eat, Pray, Love

So I decided to read the book and today my mom and I watched the movie. The theme of this inspiring true story is self discovery. I don't want to give a lot away so I will make it brief. This movie has an interesting perspective and you have to decide the message for yourself. To put it bluntly, this movie is just about life, dealing with it, discovering who you are and going on a journey to the center of your heart. I recommend it to anyone who feels lost within the world and wonders what they really want from life.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Always Move Forward (A poem to myself)

Forget your mistakes
Don't worry about the stakes
Set your sights high
Let time pass by
Fate will be your guide
There's no reason to hide
Laugh and smile
Reflect for awhile
Remember who you are
Don't focus on a scar
Always look ahead
Take a step instead
Courage is the key
Be who you want to be

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hidden Mickey spotted at Botanic Gardens!

This just in. A hidden mickey, in the shape of a cactus, has been spotted in the Denver Botanic Gardens. This plant was discovered by two former college students, Beth Cuatro, Mary Olive and current college student Sasha Yellow. Former college student Beth Cuatro states, "I never would have guessed that Disney could follow you everywhere."
Beth Cuatro was the first to spot the hidden mickey on the roof of the Boettcher Memorial Center close to the entrance of the gardens. It is a mystery whether the gardeners or the staff know they contain a hidden mickey. This could be a message from a former Disney employee or a complete coincidence. Unfortunately the Bara Lotus pages have not been able to interview a Denver Botanic Gardens staff member to confirm the reason for the hidden mickey cactus. If you happen to visit the gardens, please drop a line or comment this article for any more information on this rare occurrence. Keep your eyes peeled because Sasha Yellow explains, "I almost didn't notice until Beth Cuatro mentioned it." Mary Olive told us, "I was surprised that no one noticed it at first glance."
Next time you visit the gardens, be sure to look for this plant and let us know if you have any information.

A single memory

A single memory
floating in place
The moment serene
the image a trace

Time flows
like a small pond or stream
events changing the effect
rippling like a dream

Simple beauty
Complex thought
Reflection on life
Is always self taught

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dew Drops

A Morning mist cleared over the garden. The breeze barely brushed the leaves around Nea's favorite flower. She only had a few minutes to watch. The morning glory bloomed right before Nea reached the patch of leaves which had fanned out in the sunlight. A tiny pink rose bud peaked from the shade of a dew sprinkled leaf. She knelt down and watched a drop as it trailed from the center of the leaf down the stem. If she watched closely, the drops appeared scattered like rain. Each drop seemed to shine through the soft rays streaming through the trees. Nea noticed these small details right before she left for work. Sometimes having a garden gave her all the time in the world.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


The stars come out
one by one
Through the clouds
the setting sun
slowly hides
from the sky
A soft breeze
whistles by
planets shine
twinkling lights
The best thing
about summer nights

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kobato- Anime Review

I just finished watching the anime Kobato so I thought I would try to write an anime review. Kobato tells the story of a girl who has a goal, to get to the place she wants to go. In order to achieve that goal, she must find a way to heal broken and scarred hearts and fill her flask with their pieces in order to have her wish granted. This anime and manga is by CLAMP, the authors of Card Captor Sakura, and the more recent and popular Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and XXXHolic. Kobato follows the same idea that many CLAMP characters have other selves in different worlds. Ioryogi, Kobato's guide in the current shape of a stuffed dog, admits several times that he is from the spirit world.
This show is very deep and philosophical. Though Kobato holds many secrets, she lives day to day as if she is lucky to be alive. She soon becomes an important person to the people of Yomogi Nursery, a kindergarten in a lot of debt and threatened to be shut down. There, Kobato meets Sayaka a kind, but determined school teacher who tries to hide the pressure she's under. She is also introduced to Kiyokazu Fujimoto, a blunt, dedicated hard worker who tries to carry the debt of the nursery on his shoulders by committing to several jobs. She chooses to work there and becomes a role model for the children attending the school.
As time goes on. Kobato must make a choice between Yomogi Nursery, or collecting hearts to reach her goal.
I really enjoyed this show. It's all about life and the perspective you view it with. Kobato symbolizes hope for so many people, but she also must decide how to spend the time she has been given. The only clue to her past is a song she sings during moments of joy and sadness.

All and all I give it five out of five sugar candies. A great anime for any Fruits Basket fan.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Something Blue

Every Thursday I will post a picture of something blue and write about it. It seems like a fun idea and will feature photos taken by me. There will usually be a story to follow it.

The lights went off one by one as guests gathered for the fireworks show. Magic Kingdom was bustling with winter break activities and the first glimpse of ice sickles lit up the Cinderella castle. A blue glow gave the castle a soft tint, leaving the magic shrouded within the audience for the "Wishes" fireworks show. It was all you needed to remind yourself why you were here. The beacon of hope through a rough work day and an awe inspiring scene that never ceased to amaze. While the colors changed, finally you heard the music and the show began.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Writer notices . . .

The person running down the street with a tear in their eye
The smell of a coffee shop and the comforting chatter of customers
The shine of sunlight on a piece of glass
The rush of air in a warm summer breeze
The adventure in a daily walk
The challenge in something impossible
The story in every ordinary moment
Music in the city streets
Starlight in darkness
Art in everyday life
The hardship in crafts
A character in the person who walked past without a glance
The wisdom in a quote
The experience of a day at work
The beauty of broken things
Simplicity in complexity
Details that matter more than hours
Meaning in a song on the radio
Faith in imagination
Strength in pen and paper
Process in a painting
Secrets in conversations
Magic in mystery
Value in point of view

Monday, August 9, 2010

Inspirational Prompt
This was inspired by Crystal Evening by Kagaya.

She stares at the star streaking through the night sky. The moon shines on the water while the tide barley brushes the shore. She sees the temple out of the corner of her eye and pretends that no one is there waiting for her to make a decision. Her ceremonial tiara of moon flowers floats in the distance as she allows the responsibility to float further from her mind. This was her favorite spot, between the crowded city and the vacant ruins. It was a sanctuary. Here she could watch the moon rise and set as the city glowed in the background. The milky way would look on as she took shelter behind the mossy rocks and pillars of the old moon temple. The pearly white sand helped clear her mind as she reclined among the beach and took it all in. By daylight she would be back at her duties, carrying flowers for visitors, working on the decorations and performing the daily tasks of the temple. For now, she would savor the moment and find the time to just be. Sometimes all she needed was a simple, peaceful place to meditate.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What is Love?

What is love?
Is it real?
Does it think?
Does it feel?
Can it fly?
Can it dry?
Is it time?
Reason Rhyme
Can it fall?
Can it call?
Will it rain?
All the day
Chase the fears
and pain away
I know it's beauty
I know it's song
It isn't right
It isn't wrong
Can it be simple?
Can it be true?
Is it just life?
The only clue.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Myths and Legends

I am excited to announce I will be taking a class on Arthurian legends, and a class on Greek mythology. J.R.R Tolkien drew inspiration from Norse mythology when he wrote The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I think authors enjoy the great stories passed down for generations and can use their knowledge to inspire their own world. Fairy Tales and Folklore were told long ago, not only to entertain, but also to teach their listeners about life. Each character grows no matter what story is told. Beowulf tells its namesake hero's story as he is challenged by three obstacles. The Greek and Roman Gods represented the elements of humanity. King Arthur and Alexander the Great have amazing tales throughout the world. All of these stories inspire me to create folklore of my own, and build heroes who must journey through seemingly impossible tasks to learn who they are. Writers must always do research on what they want to write. As my creative writing teacher told me, the saying "Write what you know" can add details to your writing and draw inspiration from your life into your character's experience. Myths and Legends have passed down through a combination of the two, personal experience and imagination.

Friday, August 6, 2010

On tough stuff

Life can throw some tough curve balls at you. But, you have to decide which you miss and which you hit. There's always the option to try again, and each time goes a little better than the last. Sometimes you need to restart; other times you have to take a deep breath before making the swing. The only thing that matters is what you want to do. Once you're up to bat you may not know what will happen, but it is better than sitting out during the game.

A Recipe for bubbles

(icon courtesy of iconator)

1 teaspoon of childhood memories
a sprinkle of sunshine
a cool summer breeze
1 dose of laughter
a light drop of water
1 tablespoon of daydreaming
1 bottle of bliss
under water adventure
1 genuine smile

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Stravaganza Series: City of Ships

Around Junior year of High School I discovered a book called The City of Masks by Mary Hoffman. It was one of the many books in a series called Stravaganza. Hoffman has created an alternate universe which mirrors the country of Italy. In Talia gold is silver and a hero is always needed. The city of Bellezza is a mirrored Venice governed by a powerful and clever Duchessa. Remora is an alternate Siena with sections dedicated to the Stellata, a race with a jockey representing each constellation in the zodiac. Giglia is Talia's Florence and contains a labyrinth in a monestary called Saint Mary among the Vines. Padavia, the twin of Padua houses the Scriptorium, the renaissance printing press, forbidden to publish certain scientific texts. All this and a brush of Talian politics opens the realm into City of Ships. This new novel takes place in Classe, the Talian Ravenna with a new protagonist named Isabel. Hoffman's series is filled with imagination as adventure and mirrored historical details unfold in the world of Talia. The author's writing inspires me to create a world of my own.

For more information, here's the official website for the Stravagante:

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ideas in my imagination

A Dragon cave that inhabits fourteen eggs and eight dragons.
A lake of stars with ferry boats named after constellations.
A quiet garden where rain always falls in a light patter.
A dream catcher forty feet tall and wide.
A palace in the middle of a giant lotus flower.
An Egyptian sanctuary for a powerful council of guardians.
A fountain dedicated to a fairy and a human.
A pirate island in the middle of an unknown ocean.
Wolves that live on the moon.
A road through the milky way.
A sapphire forest.
A ridge of mountains named the TamaHana Ridges.
A city the exact image of Venice, Italy.
Shakespeare's Retreat, a crystal park.
Horses named Atlantis and Avalon.
A desert of pearl white sand.
a race of beings called Drakons.
An ocean that looks like sunset.
Cherry Blossum fields that go for miles.
Pink water lilies that preserve memories.
Giant, blue dandelion seeds that float on the wind.
A rose garden at the edge of a mountain.
Giant seashell houses underwater.
A magic system involving the four elements, light and dark.
A panther who lives in the night sky.
A train which travels through a valley of orange and blue flowers.
Ruins of a city guarded by a Phoenix.
A waterfall of moonlight by night and sunlight by day.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sarah Dessen and Self Esteem

One of my favorite authors is Sarah Dessen, who writes everyday stories about girls going through a hard time, finding their obstacle, and conquering it in many different ways. Each story is different in terms of the obstacle, which is usually self inflicted on the main character. After reading Just Listen last night, I noticed her characters always have deep and inspiring quotes about life and the obstacles you face. These coping skills create personalities for each character that almost seem 3 dimensional. Here are a few quotes from her characters.

"It's a lot easier to be lost than found. It's the reason we're always searching and rarely discovered--so many locks not enough keys." Ruby- Lock and Key

"I think that some things are meant to be broken. Imperfect. Chaotic. It's the universe's way of providing contrast, you know? There have to be a few holes in the road. It's how life is." Wes- The Truth About Forever

"Because a song can take you back instantly to a moment, or a place, or even a person. No matter what else has changed in you or the world, that one song stays the same, just like that moment. Which is pretty amazing, when you actually think about it." Owen- Just Listen

"And the bottom line is, what defines you isn't how many times you crash, but the number of times you get back on the bike. As long as it's one more, you're all good." Eli- Along for the Ride

"I don't believe in failure, because simply by saying you've failed, you've admitted you attempted. And anyone who attempts is not a failure. Those who truly fail in my eyes are the ones who never try at all. The ones who sit on the couch and whine and moan and wait for the world to change for them."- Keeping the Moon

"The fate of your heart is your choice and no one else gets a vote"- Remy- This Lullaby

And a random rare find on the net:

"Once a heart breaks, it also opens.
And when a heart opens, any number
of things can happen. And some of
them can be beautiful."

Monday, August 2, 2010

On Healing and Hurting

I've been reading the manga Kobato by CLAMP and a huge plot point is the healing of human hearts. Kobato's task is to fill a jar with pieces of broken, scarred, and fragile hearts. The way she does this is through little actions, kind words, and a caring personality. She reminds me of Tohru from Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya. Always doing things for others. There are many ways a heart can hurt or be broken. Harsh words, painful events in the past and ignorance of things a person should face can trigger the negativity in a person's mind. So part of healing a heart involves replacing that negativity with positive words, thoughts and true intentions. So can a heart be healed by one action or word from anyone? I don't know. I think some of the healing starts with yourself and how you view the world. Although I believe one small action or word can change your mind about something if you allow it to. I think it depends on the hurt, scar or pain. If the heart hurts from something deeper than words, memories and pessimism I believe it can only be healed when you decide to move on from the pain. When words hurt, it can be easy to replace painful words with positive words, but it also matters how those words are interpreted.
First you should identify what kind of hurt it is. Is your heart broken? Scarred? Cracked? Bruised? What caused the injury? Once you figure this out, I think it is easier to begin the healing process. Most of the scars we carry in life are there because we want them to be. We may not enjoy these scars. Perhaps, we feel the scar is there to protect something, or preserve a valuable lesson. When a heart is broken, maybe we feel there is no need to mend it right away, because it will be broken again once it is mended. Maybe the pain has become a shield from fear of the unknown. But is it better to ignore pain or confront it? Will you regret confronting yourself and how you perceive the world? I believe there are reasons we carry these scars. Sometimes being hurt is the only way to learn a lesson. But how do you know if you learned the right one? Kobato knows she has healed a heart when a piece of sugar candy hits the bottom of her jar. But if it's your heart that needs healing, how do you know how many pieces are missing?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Scarlet Pimpernel and Rhetoric

As a writer, I like to find small tools that keep a story running. In the case of the Scarlet Pimpernel, the rhetoric keeps the story flowing. Conversations and inside messages made the reader understand to read between the lines and focus on what is said and done in different forms of interest. Percy Blakeney and Marguerite play with words while creating a persona of rich people who constantly attend parties. Behind the scenes however, they are part of a secret society of aristocrats called the "League of the Scarlet Pimpernel" which rescues their French people from executions, common occurrences during the French Revolution. The Scarlet Pimpernel himself is a specific hero who signs his actions with a drawing of a pimpernel. It's amazing how a dangerous game is played with clever and well hidden words.