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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Frozen: A movie review: spoiler free

When I first saw the trailer for Frozen, I was very confused. It showed a snow man and a reindeer, and didn't explain anything. At the time I knew that rumors of a Snow Queen based Disney movie were going around, so I knew that this trailer was advertising that movie. The trailer was misleading. 

Finally they released a trailer about the story, and I was intrigued. The story was epic and the characters were charming. So I began to count down the days.
First: the music is amazing! The first song gave me chills, and the lyrics brought back the Disney magic of the 90s Renaissance movies. 
Second: the art is gorgeous. It's almost like a painting in some scenes. It reflected the beauty of Norway, from what I've seen of it at Epcot and in pictures. 
Third: the story is phenomenal. Its complexity adds to its charm. The serious and lighthearted scenes complement each other, and the story is refreshing and original. 

I recommend this movie to everyone. It has a great story and a playful spirit. 


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  1. Nice review Sarah. No matter what, the kids will love it. Most parents will do, too, and I think that's what matters the most as well.