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Sunday, November 24, 2013

About Time: A movie review

I wanted to see this film since I saw the trailer. It didn't look like your typical chick flick, and it seemed to be a deep story about life. I wasn't disappointed.

We follow Tim, who narrates the story and watch him make mistakes over and over again. Some of these mistakes he can fix, but others are permanently etched in time, and they are best left forgotten. Once Tim's father tells him about the family secret, the ability to go back in time, he advises Tim to use this gift for something important. Tim decides that the most important thing is to find love. But along his journey, Tim comes across other reasons to use this gift, and learns valuable lessons with each decision he makes. He grows up, and faces more complex problems, some with no solution but to walk away. With each rewind, he steps through life and sees ordinary events in a different way. 

About Time is a beautiful film about life, and those little moments we take for granted. Those worries that eat away our time and energy can get in the way of the unforgettable details . It's about moments that we wish would last forever. It's about days we don't want to live again. It's the amazing, complex and unpredictable pattern of life, and how happiness is something we make through the little things in our day. 

I recommend this profound, wonderful film to people in their twenties and on. Especially my generation, where we worry about what we haven't yet achieved. Life may not be perfect, but we can make life worth living by appreciating what we have, spending time with those we love and doing all we can. 
This film delivers a heartfelt message without being cheesy and cliche. It takes moments we all recognize in our lives and puts them in perspective. 

My favorite quote from the movie:

"We're all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride." - Tim
                                                 About Time

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