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Monday, November 25, 2013

Choices and Courage

Choices are unavoidable in life. Even when you decide not to do anything, you are making a choice. It took awhile for me to learn this. But the thing is, when you avoid a decision, it becomes bigger until it drives you crazy. The choice hovers, undecided, especially if it is a choice that involves something you want to do. But if you choose to act against what you feel, you will pay for it. Regret will follow you, and create a new type of conflict. 
So choices are something that are unavoidable in life. And when you must make a big choice, you reach a kind of turning point in your life. Where to go? What to do? Suddenly your actions become much more powerful to you. 
Sure little things, like what to have for breakfast or what to wear to work, won't make too much of a difference. But other choices: career, friends and relationships will affect who you will become and how you will view others in your life. 
These choices, in a way, define who you are. How you talk to people, and how you treat people will reflect you and your perspective. 
So, the point of this post? Choices are tough, but they are tough for a reason. Obstacles don't define you, but the way you react to them will impact your life. 
So you may make choices that you don't even realize how they impact your life. 
For me, it was fear. I was afraid. I'm still afraid. But I no longer want to feel trapped by that fear. To constantly worry about obstacles far into my future. To be afraid can be useful, but if you let fear define your choices, can you truly be honest with yourself?
So choices are important, and some choices are scary, but courage is extremely important, and honesty even more so. 
Maybe courage is the ability to understand fear. To recognize when and why you are scared. But if you let fear define your choices, you won't have the ability to change or control some important parts of your life. So I choose to use my fear. To not let fear control my actions, and to enjoy life the best I can. 

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