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Saturday, January 19, 2013

FF 30 day challenge day 3: Favorite Protagonist

Lightning (Claire Farron)

Lighting is a strong character, but she is also very vulnerable. This is what makes her easy to relate to. The name alone, Lightning, she created to be stronger, but then she realized how damaging lighting can be. She was hard core on the outside, but inside she was scared. Scared to lose her sister forever, scared to be a pawn of the gods and scared of her inevitable future. The way Light dealt with her fear, was to act like she conquered it. The only time she could be herself, and not the warrior she always tried to be, was when Hope needed guidance.
As a big sister, Light took on the responsibility of being a role model to Serah, but she became so focused on her image, that she lost sight of what was important. She detached herself from reality and only focused on the goal. This perseverance is part of Light's strength, and yet it is also a weakness. She isn't exactly impulsive, but she does become focused on one thing and forgets all the other important factors.
I guess Light is my favorite protagonist because she is very human, and even when she loses that humanity, she doesn't lose who she is.

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