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Friday, January 25, 2013

RumBelle and Prejudice Part 1: In which Prince Charming Comes to StoryBrooke

Disclaimer: I do not own Pride and Prejudice or Once Upon A Time. I just thought it would be entertaining to put them together.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a wife. Belle had been told this by her mother, her whole life and her sisters, Snow, Aurora, Ashley and Emma had heard it almost as often. Ashley and Aurora had their way of keeping their mother happy, going to see the princes that came to town, visiting to patrol the borders of Fairy Tale Land. Emma was always voicing her opinion and made a conclusion long ago that society was best observed from afar than meddled with. Belle’s only comfort, besides her father was Snow. She was Belle’s older sister and confidant. Belle could tell Snow anything, from her complaints about their hysterical mother to her favorite stories and books. Books were Belle’s other comfort. She didn’t believe she was a great reader, but she loved her stories just the same.
It all started when Prince Charming came to down. Belle heard her mother’s opinion on the event before she was even positive it was true. After hearing enough gossip to last a life time, Belle went in search of Red, her best friend and found that Prince Charming was indeed coming to their little town of Storybrooke. Belle woke the next morning, and found her parents in the dining room, discussing the plan over breakfast.
“You must introduce him to the girls!” Mrs. French exclaimed while she poured a cup of tea.
“My dear, I would do anything to keep you calm.” Mr. French teased and Belle hid a smile.
Snow walked in and caught Belle’s grin, hiding a laugh of her own.
“Oh father do let us meet him!” Aurora rushed in with Ashley following close behind.
“But of course my dear.” Mr French said, “It has already been decided.
Belle took her book to the other room, where muffled squeals and giggles could be heard. Snow followed her and sipped a cup of tea.
“What are you thinking Belle?” Snow asked while Belle put her book down.
“I’m thinking that the prince will fall for you immediately.” Belle answered with a mischievous grin.
“You know I don’t believe in love at first sight.” Snow said blushing.
“But you are interested in this news.” Belle said.
“And you’re not?” Snow asked with a laugh.
“It is exciting.” Belle said, “But I doubt it will have much to do with me.”
“You can’t mean that.” Snow said
“Oh but I do. And I also think a walk would be best right now, or we will never hear the end of Mr. Charming.”

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