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Friday, January 25, 2013

RumBelle and Prejudice Part 2: In which the French family is invited to a charming ball

Disclaimer: I do not own Pride and Prejudice or Once Upon A Time. I just think putting them together would be fun.

The news came from Belle’s father the next morning. He had visited Prince Charming and discovered that he wouldhold a ball. Belle’s mother couldn’t have been happier and Belle’s father tookto his study for most of the day.
Snow and Belle looked through their wardrobe while Aurora and Ashley fought over a pair of shoes. Emma avoided them all, and managed to take a walk around the house before Aurora and Ashley forced her to get ready.
Belle’s blue gown seemed appropriate, as the occasion was not too formal. Snow also decided her pale ivory gown would be best. Once they were all ready, the French family got in the carriage and arrived at the large gallery where all of StoryBrooke was gathered.
Belle stepped down, and found that Prince Charming was waiting for them. But he wasn’t the only one. A tall, angular man stood by him, a scowl on his face. An elegant lady stood next to him, dressed in a very interesting gown.
“Welcome.” Prince Charming smiledand gave a bow. “It is an honor to meet your daughters, Mr. French. May I introduce my friend Mr. Gold, and next to him, my sister Regina.”
“It’s nice to meet you.” Mr. French smiled.
Belle watched Mr. Gold, who had not spoken a word, but seemed determined to stare painfully at them. Her mother tried to make conversation.
“I understand that you have a castle Mr. Gold.”
“I do.”
“And I’m sure you have many adventures to share with us.”
“My travels stay with me.”
Belle tried not to laugh, but she was soon distracted by the way Prince Charming stared at Snow. Snow, in turn, stared back with a smile.
“Shall we?” Prince Charming offered his hand to Snow, and she took it. Belle watched Mr. Gold walk in with Regina. Both were already whispering. She knew their kind very well. Arrogant and above the people around them. Belle couldn’t help but tell Red the moment she found her.
“He might not be that bad.” Red told Belle, “Although I did notice he won’t dance.”
“Perhaps it is above them.” Belle grinned and Red shook her head.
“You can’t always be that way Belle.”Red warned.
“But it’s so much fun.” Belle smiled, and noticed that she had caught Mr. Gold’s eye while turning her head.
“Belle. There you are.” Belle’s mother said as she walked toward them. “What do you think now. Snow and Charming make quite the pair.”
Belle tried not to roll her eyes. Her mother was matchmaking already, and she wanted no part of it. Especially since she had a good idea that her mother had not joined them only to gloat.
“Why don’t you talk to Mr. Gold Belle?”
“I’m afraid he doesn’t like to dance mother.” Belle said while staring at Mr. Gold.
“Then sit down somewhere if you don’t want to dance.” Mrs. French ordered.
It was a great idea. Belle found a seat, and was so distracted by her success in escaping her mother, that she didn’t notice Mr. Gold and Prince Charming sit nearby.
“Gold, I insist that you dance.”Prince Charming said, “You should at least talk to someone while you’re here.”
“You have been dancing with the beautiful girl, and I won’t get in the way. You’re wasting your time with me.”Mr. Gold said.
“What about her sister Belle? She’s very pretty too.”
“She isn’t beautiful enough to tempt me.”
Belle got up and found Red immediately. After they laughed at the conversation. Belle looked up and saw that Mr. Gold was staring at her again.
“Did he think I was offended?” Belle laughed, “He really is arrogant.”
“And it looks like you proved me wrong.” Red grinned.
The French family left the ballroom with a happy Mrs. French, a shy but happy Snow and a triumphant Belle.

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