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Monday, January 28, 2013

RumBelle and Prejudice Part 3: In which Snow receives a letter from Regina

Disclaimer: I don't own Once Upon A Time or Pride and Prejudice, I just found the characters to be fitting.

       The next morning found the French family in the dinning room. Snow, Aurora and Ashley were doing chores while Mr. and Mrs. French sat at the table to breakfast.
       " . . . and I really thought that Prince Charming would propose to Snow right there." Mrs. French exclaimed while Mr. French looked up from his book. Snow was mortified.
      "Mother . . ." Snow said while dusting.
      "Even you know that love doesn't work that fast dear." Mr. French said with a laugh.
      Belle walked in and poured a cup of tea.
      "As long as Prince Charming doesn't invite Mr. Gold very often, I think you will be happy together." Belle said with a smile.
     "Oh, Belle. Not you too!" Snow shook her head and moved around the dining table to dust the mantle.
Emma yawned as she found a chair and sat down.
     "I hate balls." she said while spreading butter on toast. "Make sure your husband doesn't throw any."
    Snow glared at them and left the room.
    Belle sighed and put down her tea cup. She followed Snow to the garden.
    "We're only teasing." Belle told her.
    " I know." Snow said with a sigh, "but you know I don't believe in love at first sight."
    "But you like him." Belle said.
    Snow didn't say anything.
    "You danced with him more than anyone." Belle said
    "Well, he did ask me." Snow said with a small smile.
     "It's okay to like him Snow." Belle grinned, "And I think you do."
     "He seems nice." Snow said, "But I do wish everyone would stop teasing me."
    "They mean well." Belle said.
     They were interrupted by a postman with a letter in his hand.
    "Post for Snow French." he said as he handed them the letter.
     Snow took the note and thanked him with a cursty.
     "It's from Regina." Snow said as she read the address.
      Belle smiled and watched Snow rush to the dining room. With an opportunity to return to her book, Belle found a bench and curled up with her book. It wasn't long before an uproar started and she heard her name called in earnest.
     "Belle. Talk to your sister." Mrs. French screeched.
     "What's wrong?" Belle asked.
     "I'm to go on horseback." Snow said.
     "Why? What's wrong with the carriage?"
     "Belle, don't you want your sister to succeed? It's going to rain. If Snow takes the horse, she'll have to stay the night."
     "Mother!" Snow shook her head.
     After an hour, Belle watched Snow take the horse and ride towards the gallery. While her mother smiled slyly, Belle watched the cloudy sky and worried about Snow. 

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