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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

If I wasn't afraid . . .

If I wasn't afraid, I'd make a song album
Allow myself to fall in love
Go to South Korea now instead of later
Go to Disney World
Find the person I have had a crush on since Disneyland and tell him so
Run away
Travel the country
Travel the world
Publish my stories 
Sing on stage again
Get to know people from all over the world
Say what's on my mind
Take a road trip to anywhere
Audition for a musical
Promote my writing
Write in Venice
Write in Greece
Write in South Korea
Write in Japan
Go on a cruise
Indulge in a crazy shopping spree
Learn to dance
Face my past
Look forward to my future
Have kids
Be who I want to be
Learn to play the violin
Learn to play the piano
Talk to my role models 
Meet as many people as possible
Create powerful memories
Be a social butterfly for a day
Take a long hike
Swim in the ocean
Create a Tv show
Write a play
Write for Disney
Be an optimist
Be impulsive for a day
Live a fairytale
Have a Disney wedding
Write for the Lizzie Bennet Diaries team
Try acting
Go back to school
Take a backpacking tour of Europe
Find true love
Make a cosplay photo shoot 
Become a voice actor
Be a youtube star
Put a single on itunes
Start a fundraiser
Live out of a suitcase for a month
Visit the most spiritual places on Earth
Attend a Tanabata Festival
Attend a real Cherry Blossom Festival
Meet a Kpop star
Talk to someone in Korean
Talk to someone in Japanese
Learn Greek
Learn to surf in Hawaii

If I were fearless
I'd live adventurously
One day, I will do these things
As long as I believe
and conquer my fears
one day at a time

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