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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Peter and the Starcatcher: a review

(Official still of Peter and the Starcatcher)

I had the wonderful opportunity to watch Peter and the Starcatcher this evening in Downtown Denver. Being a fan of the series written by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, I knew what I remembered from the novel, and what was told during the event at the Tattered Cover: the play had a pace, and everything had to be timed perfectly. I also knew that the play was set up to help you feel like a kid again, encouraging you to use your imagination. 
I enjoyed this play very much. The plot stays true to the novel's important events, and has a balance between clever dialogue, charming presentations and the serious events of the story. 
I must admit that I felt nostalgia while watching this play. When I worked at the Disney Parks, I often went to watch their shows and noticed that balance between the story and the modern day humor. I felt like this play did a good job appealing to an audience of all ages, and the creative actors deserved the standing ovation they got after their performance. 
Peter Pan's story is timeless in itself, but the story of Molly and Peter is something special that tugs at your heart and recreates that moment when a person realizes that they must make a decision between staying a child or growing up. 
I highly recommend this play to Peter Pan lovers, Disney fans and people of all ages. There really is something in this play for everyone. Whether it's the heartwarming story, clever comedy or the imaginative tricks that create the illusions for the audience, Peter and the Starcatcher is an entertaining and charming way to spend some time in Neverland.

(Me Disneybounding as Peter Pan for the event)

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