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Monday, August 12, 2013

Ripples in Time

The rain falls.

Pit pat. Pit pat.

I listen with weary ears, wondering about the world. Wondering if people leave prints on each other's hearts like ripples in the rain. The strange effect that one drop makes as it lands in a rainstorm. Are we all raindrops looking for a place to land? Do we choose where we land, or is that left up to fate? Of course you can't do nothing. Life rewards those who act upon their dreams and goals. But the things that matter, life and love. Can we just let things happen? Go with the flow? Is it okay to just be for a while. Not worrying where you are, or who you'll be with in the future. Or whether someone will appear in your future who has been in your past? 

The thunder rumbles.

A soft roar that echoes in the gray sky. 

Maybe it's best to just allow things to happen. To believe that if something is meant to be it will be. Shall I leave the world up to the rain, and let the drops fall where they may? What good is worry if I can't control what happens? What good is frustration if there is nothing I can do. Celebrating what is now should be important, even when it is not where you want to be. And maybe people cope with the deeper questions by allowing the world to work its wonders. 

Perhaps I should just allow the raindrops to create ripples in time.

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