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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book Challenge Day 1: The Best book you read this year

I have two:

This book was amazing! From the detailed world to the complex characters, Dune was my best Fantasy/ SciFi read of the year! The novel taught me a lot about world building, and creating a history for a story. It was a philosophical epic with a compelling main character. Watching Paul become Muad'ib, the reader begins to wonder about the history of religion, power and politics in the world. How one idea can snowball into something far larger than the person who began it. 
The point of view is also fascinating and goes from one stream of consciousness into the next. 


This book was beautiful and charming. I found a new YA author to read when I discovered it. Not only does this book have very real and funny characters, it has a powerful message about life. What it means to live, love and cherish the important moments and the people you meet. The story is deep in an emotional way, and it reads like a true story told from a teenager's journal. The main character had a voice similar to a Sarah Dessen heroine and the story was a slice of life. With some of the best YA quotes, this book is one to be read again and again. 

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