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Monday, May 20, 2013

Two Worlds: One city

Yuna stood at the edge of the crumbling city. Pyreflies surrounded the rubble, and their short songs echoed through the dark and deserted place. She didn't like coming here, be she felt that she had to. It reminded her of him, Tidus. To Yuna, Zanarkand wasn't just a city of ruins, or even the former temple of Yunalesca. It was Tidus's home. He had described it to her countless times. The lights on in every tall building. The great Blitzball stadium where people came to watch Tidus, star player of the Zanarkand Abes. People would run on the giant walkways. Kids would play on a platform surrounded by stars. He had always told her that she should see it. She caught a glimpse of his world when Seymour showed them the memory sphere. It had seemed so amazing! People rushed past her. Signs flashed and whooshed by as they watched the sphere fly through the city. It was full of life instead of memories of the dead. Bright and thriving instead of dark and desolate. If she stood there long enough and closed her eyes, Yuna could almost see what Tidus saw. She could walk where he had walked and imagine people, tall buildings and bright lights. She she walked among the pyreflies, she could see the busy street, the great statues guarding the stadium, and the giant sphere of water that made the Blitzball Stadium. It was all so beautiful, and yet it was sad. She missed him. Sometimes she would expect him to walk around the corner or run up to her with one of his smiles. At the time, nothing mattered while they journeyed together, but now Yuna knew they were from different worlds. 
She whistled, then brushed away a tear. He wasn't coming back. Not here. She would have to find him another way. Still, she thought she heard his whistle, as if it came from far away. But the sound could also have been an echo of her own whistle, just as Tidus was now an echo of an amazing dream. 

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