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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Ruins of Mount Gagazet

I stepped off the airship and onto the strange crumbling floor of Mount Gagazet's temple. Tidus, you've never been here. For some reason, these ruins appeared after Sin was defeated, and you well . . . you know. I've tried to move on, and Rikku has helped me more than she can ever know. We're traveling the world,  visiting different places in Spira. Places I would never have seen if I stayed a summoner. This temple, I think you would like it. You always did make a game out of every temple we went to. But this temple doesn't have an aeon. It even has machina! Brother and Rikku found this rock fromation hovering over Mount Gagazet. Khimari guards it well, leading what is left of the Ronso, and protecting this sacred ground. Up here, so close to the stars and moon, I feel like you're with me. I turn around, expecting to see you stare open mouthed at the waterfalls that fall through the clouds, and the floating rocks, similar to Djose where the lightning held them in place. There's even a platform elevator, but when we pressed the button, the results were . . . disasteriffic. Brother has been so kind, and he's allowed me to hide from the people who want me in power. 
I know if you were here, you wouldn't want that at all. Maybe you would want to travel, like me. See all of Spira, and explore areas we didn't even know about during our journey. We both know what too much power can do. As long as I'm here, I want to protect our places. The ruins of Zanarkand and the Macalania Forest. Even the Moonflow that you wanted to see at night. Each place I visit, and each sphere I find brings me closer to you. It had to be you. Why else would I feel like you're here, even now, waiting for me to bring you back? There has to be a reason. A reason this temple hoveres in the sky. A reason it reminds me of Zanarkand, the one you told me about, and why I'm not afraid to look down from the edge of the stone floor and see nothing but clouds and sky. It's beautiful, and maybe one day, I can bring you here to see the details of the statues, pillars and steps. I just know you'd love it. You might even be here, right now, guiding me to get back to you.

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