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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lake Bresha

The stationary Falcie stares at me, seeming to laugh at my situation. Ten minutes ago, the Falcie held you captive, and we got there, just in time to see you complete your focus. Serah, you're frozen in crystal now. Your fiancĂ© is driving me up the wall, talking about becoming your hero. Who is he kidding? We're not heroes. With the entire lake glittering in crystal, time itself has stopped, and hope has faded. Serah, if only I had listened to you. 
Why? Why did the Falcie choose you? Why a Falcie from Pulse? Now there are five of us, one just a kid, branded as a pawn to the gods. Branded as an outcast, just like you. The white surrounding us feeds the blank slate of my mind. This wasn't supposed to happen! My feet move on my own, without a thought. I don't even know where I'm going. 
I was supposed to reason with the Falcie, protect you from these Cieth and the people who would abandon you. You believed in me, and I let you down. Now what can I do? If we follow this road, if I team up with this kid named Hope, and your "hero" will we be able to save you? No matter how many battles I fight. No matter what I say to Snow, I have no choice but to keep going. If your "hero" says anymore crap about destiny and being your hero, I'm going to punch him in the face. 
Haven't I known you longer than he has? Don't I have a say in what you would want? I don't know what you see in him. He's like a child, always running in trouble, believing in empty promises. Why did you choose him? How could he possibly save you? Our days are numbered. Now we only have two choices. Follow the advice you gave us, or follow the Falcie's bidding. 
How can we save Coccoon? 
I walk past a giant wall of crystal and see my reflection in the cold cruel substance. How do we get out of this? What should I do? 
Hope starts introducing himself, and we start walking away from the ships hovering over the lake's remains. We're as good as dead if they find us, but that doesn't scare me. You're gone, and without my sister, I'm nothing. One stupid fight lead to this. How is that even possible?
They're talking, but I hardly hear the words. If I could escape this, if I could find a way to bring you back, it wouldn't happen here. For some reason, they all turn to me, Snow daring to call me "sis." It's enough to make me sick. The air gets colder the more we walk on. They want me to make a decision? Am I their leader now? Fine! If I have to go through this. If I have to redeem the wrong I did, then it's best to keep moving. I start walking, Hope following behind me like you used to, when you were my little sister, and that was all that mattered. 
Before I created this shell, mirrored by the crystal statue you've become, and the towering titan of stone staring down at me, I was a good person. My goal, to protect you, and be a good sister. Now, can I go back to that version of me? Hope expects this. He stares at me like I'm the only person in the group who knows what I'm doing. Has this outer shell become so real to other people. Even Snow seems to buy it. 
So be it. I'm a Lcie now, and I going to find a way to free you from your prison. It's better than doing what the Falcie expects me to do. This vision means nothing to me, but if I can save you, if I can become your big sis again then the journey I was forced on, would be worth it. 
"Let's go" I tell them. 

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