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Thursday, May 23, 2013

People are People

People are People.
They live their own lives.
Which isn't a bad thing,
because everyone strives.
Everyone has a dream,
a wish,
a goal.
Yet stuff happens
whether big or small,
and some people
they let small things
ruin it all.
I do it too.
Unfortunately, it's human.
We all make mistakes.
It's natural,
normal, even.
We all view the world
through our own little lens
expecting other people
to make amends,
to understand,
to do all the work.
Then when they don't,
we call them a jerk.
So what does this say
about the human race?
One with many emotions
and only one "face"?
All of our secrets,
all of our lies.
Sometimes we scream them
or bottle them inside.
But one thing that's funny,
or maybe even sad;
if we accept who we are,
things might not be so bad.
So next time I think
someone is a jerk,
or things in my life
never seem to work,
I'll keep this in mind
and stick to it too.
People are People
You just be You.

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