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Friday, May 24, 2013

Miho Polyvore Set: Fox Rain

I've been watching Gu Family Book lately, but I also remembered another Korean drama about a Gumiho. I loved Miho's outfit in the series, and I finally found the pieces to complete the look. I bought the dress at Charlotte Russe, but I'm afraid the plaid shirt was more complicated than I realized. I finally found one at a thrift store, and now I can cosplay as Miho anytime!

In the set, the white dress and plaid shirt make up Miho's outfit. I added the fairy tale book for the Little Mermaid reference. The perfume bottle represents the one Miho kept her sacred orb in. The fox ring was just too cute to pass up, and the flats seemed to fit her character. I added the rain for obvious reasons :)

View the whole set here:

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