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Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Sunleth Waterscape

Noel and I fell from the time gate onto soft green moss. The Sunleth Waterscape. I remember Sazh telling me about this place, when he traveled with Vanille. It was not as green as he described, a soft orange tint was brushed on the leaves, and blue flowers grew instead of the red ones he mentioned. I looked at Noel who stared at the mini flan, as red as Sazh mentioned, but not as tall or threatening. This place had changed over the course of 300 years. Without the control of the falcie, the plants grew wild and even the crystal structures seemed taller than Sazh said. 
I looked at Noel, tense and stoic. Every once in a while I wondered if he smiled, or had even smiled in his life. The future he told me was grim and sad. A while ago, Snow and I realized he didn't even know what an amusement park was. Mog hovered by me, and uttered a soft "Kupo."
It was a wonder, this place, and even for a brief moment, I wanted to enjoy this time, traveling to different places and learning about them. 
Lightning, when I was sleeping in crystal, you went to different places, fought many battles and created a miracle. I know you're still alive, and that you sent Noel and Mog to me so I could find you. Noel reminds me of you, you know. He's so serious. You would laugh, but he's the polar opposite of Snow, and even when we travel to new and amazing worlds, he's always focused on the task at hand. I hope, even if he hides it, that he enjoys himself  even for a little while on this journey. We're going to change the future, I'm going to bring you back. After all, you saved me. You never gave up on saving me. Now it's my turn to save you. 

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