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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Snow at Cinderella's Castle

Frosted trees dotted the area around the castle. Cinderella couldn't believe it. This was her first winter in her new home, and she wanted to explore the castle grounds right when she took a step out on the veranda. The clouds overhead almost melded with the snow, creating a beautiful scene. She noticed that the river had not completely turned to ice, and a few animals were still roaming in the bushes and walking through the forest. 
She watched the snow move with the wind, adding a sparkle to the air. It was like fairy dust, falling slowly to the ground. Some of it melted in the river, while some disappeared with more snow.
"What are you doing?"
The Prince smiled as Cinderella turned around, her eyes wide.
"You spent winter like this every year?"
"How else could I have spent it?" He said with a laugh, "Would you like to walk around?"
"Can we?"
"Of course!" The prince said, holding out his arm. Cinderella looped her arm through his and grinned as the walked toward the forest.
"When I was little," Cinderella said, "My father used to take me ice skating."
"You haven't ice skated since?"
"I didn't have the time." Cinderella sighed, "I was always doing chores."
"Well now there's no time for chores," The prince said, "And I know the perfect spot for skating."
Cinderella smiled as they walked toward a frozen pond. 
"After you your majesty." The prince said with a bow.
"What about the skates?" Cinderella asked.
They both looked at each other and laughed.
"Let's go get some." The prince said, offering his hand.
Together, they walked back to Cinderella's new home.  

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