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Friday, May 10, 2013

A Secret Hideaway

Talia ran to the edge of the shore, between the pillars, sat down and watched the stars. She had managed to get away from the hustle and bustle of the moon market, just as the traveling gypsies began to perform and distract Sierra, the head maid of the palace from seeing her slip away. 
She sighed deeply, letting the fresh air suround her and the waves crash toward her feet. The Ruins were a forbidden place, but something had always drawn her here, to this very spot, where the palace was smaller than her fist, and the atmosphere was warm, peaceful and magical. The great structure of the ancient city towered above her, reminding her that she wasn't the only person who set foot here. When she could, Talia would make up stories of the people and how the Moonstone capital came to be, long before it was destroyed. The real reason for these ruins was a mystery, long before she was born, the stories of  hauntings, starnge happenings and the spectors people saw from the pillars kept people from exploring the area. But she wasn't afraid, in fact she belonged here. She just knew it. From the beautiful view to the stories of magic and mystery, the Ruins had become Talia's secret hideaway. She let the ring of flowers drop into the water, and watched it float away. Every time Talia came to this spot, she dreamed of living a life among the ruined garden, soft beach sand and the towering pillars of the capital. 

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