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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Summoner

The summoner stood in the water, staring at the moon and sky. The world was now against her, calling her the traitor of Yevon who had doomed all of Spira to the wrath of Sin. The shimmering crystals  glow all around her, yet her shoulders are slumped, and she stares at the sky as if she has lost everything to her name. Even the most beautiful scene of lights and the moon's reflection couldn't distract her from the choice she had to make. Would she continue her pilgrimage? Would she give up and live for herself? 
Yuna. It hurt seeing her this way. She was always smiling, hiding her sadness and pain with a muffled laugh or a cheerful remark. If only I had known she was supposed to die. If only they had told me when I walked into that temple that I had to be careful what to say around her. 
I remembered that moment, one I still cherish, where we watched the sunset and I told her "after we beat Sin, that's when you can worry about the future." 
It must have been so painful for her. 
Kimahari stared at me as I walked toward the pond, every step careful and quiet. With a nod of his head, Kihamari said it all. It was okay, I could pass, and he knew that Yuna might want some company. 
I stood there for a moment, not knowing what to say. "I'm sorry" didn't seem good enough. And the words I really wanted to say, I knew they just wouldn't help.  She had been through so much with Seymour. Asking even more of her, especially in that department would not do anything to heal her pain. I wanted to be there for her. I wanted to make her smile again, and let her know that whatever she decided, I would support her. But I didn't want to interrupt this moment she seemed to be having, thinking about the world, and herself, possibly for the first time. 
Words at this time were useless, but I was still standing there, not moving, wondering what to do. Finally, I decided that I would do what I always did, plunge in head first without thinking. I dove in the water, and let the pieces fall where they would. 

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