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Saturday, May 18, 2013


We held hands as the sky lit up with reds, oranges and blues. It was funny how one little vacation and one small moment out of all that time guarding the parks would be so perfect. As the music played, the fireworks danced, and Cinderella's castle became an outline compared to the bright lights and smoke. I knew Finn was smiling without even looking at him. Wayne would be somewhere cheering with each sucessful boom in the sky. 
"Amanda? You ok?"
Finn looked at me, and I realized that I had a single tear in my eye. After all we'd been through. After Maleficent, Chernabog, Ursula and Frollo, Finn and I had been able to conquer any obstacle in our way and honor Walt Disney's dream to keep the parks a safe and happy place. 
"I'm fine." I said. I could feel my cheeks burning. If Jez were here, she would have never let me hear the end of this. 
"You sure?"
I squeezed his hands and nodded. 
"It's just nice to know the parks are safe."
Finn gave me a lopsided grin and nodded.
"Yeah. Old Wayne can finally relax."
A sequence of cracks turned our attention back to the castle. Th grand finale was in full swing. As the music reached a crescendo, I decided to join the fun. With a small spell, a bright blue firework burst in the shape of a star after all the fireworks were over.
"You did that didn't you?" Finn asked me.
"Well, I am a Fairlie aren't I?"
"Oh yeah? Well I'm superman!"
In a way, he was. By saving the parks from the Overtakers, Finn was a true hero and he'd always be in my eyes. 

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