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Monday, May 6, 2013

New Daily Prompt ideas "Story Inspiration"

It all starts with a pinterest board that I created called Story Inspiration. On it I post pictures that inspire me to write. Since I have run out of prompts, and my goal is to write everyday, I've decided to turn my pinterest board into a prompt machine. 

Now I am inviting all my readers, fellow writers and artists to post a picture on it that inspires them. Starting from the first picture, I will write about the photo or work of art in the order posted on my board. 

You can visit the board here: 

The necklace stared at me from the glass case. The art museum was crowded, and a strange chill enveloped the room despite the limited space I had to manuaver around the people. It was almost a hum, so soft you could barely hear it, that echoed in the back of my mind. 
Was the necklace glowing? I couldn't be sure as I stood there, waiting for someone else to notice. 
I looked around, but I couldn't see anyone calling my name. I turned back to the case. The necklace was gone! I waited for someone to say something, or freak out, but nothing happened. I took a step toward the next display, and that's when I saw him, a boy, around ten or twelve wearing a soft linen outfit straight out of the hieroglyphics next to the door. 
The boy beckoned toward the door, and I watched a strange man, wearing another Egyptian costume, walk through it, the necklace in his hand. Before I could think, I ran toward the door, and an emense heat blasted through me. I squinted through the brightness, and tried to touch the wall. I reached out, then fell. To my surprise, there was no wall, and my hands grasped shifting sand. I looked back. There was no door, and no one around for miles. I blinked, and nothing changed. I was still in sand, on my knees, and I had no idea where I was. I started to walk, watching my every step sink in the unstable sand. 
Finally, a pyramid appeared on the horizon. As I ran toward it, only two questions came to mind. Who was that boy? And, how did I end up  in Egypt?

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