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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Book Challenge Day 8: Most overrated book

The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks

I'll begin by saying that this is my opinion, and it relates to the novel. I will add that the movie had its moments, but it was too sappy for me at times. (Yes a Disney fan said that. But for the record, Disney isn't sappy to me.)

The novel is very different from the movie. It begins way after Highschool, when Allie has to make her choice on who she's going to marry, and she runs into Noah again. 
I just didn't understand the story of this novel. I did feel bad for Allie's loss of memory, but when I turned to the last page, my reaction was "really?" 
I just felt like the story was trying too hard to get my attention, and it miserably failed. Yes, I read the book, but in my opinion, this book was nothing compared to A Walk to Remember (probably my favorite novel by Nicolas Sparks, possibly ever) and it really felt sappy and way too emotional for me to believe the story at times. 
It might have been the way it was written, but I just didn't understand what the big deal was about it. It was more of a soap opera than an actual story. 

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