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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Swan's curse

She saw her reflection in the water, and she could still hear the wicked laughter of the sorcerer who imprisoned her there. Odette, once a princess, was now a swan. She didn't know if any of her family survived, or if the prince she came to love would ever find her. It was a cruel curse, but when was there ever a generous one? Would he remember her? Or would she slowly fade from his mind, replaced by a new princess. She could only wish night after night that he would find her, or even believe that she was still somewhere in the world searching for him.
Although she had to wait, she did go on adventures. She learned to fly, soaring over the lake. She would be human again, only for the course of one night under the full moon. There wasn't enough time for her to escape on foot. 
She made friends by the lake, and she told them stories. She asked them to help her find the prince. She ventured to the forest, terrified that the sorcerer would find and kill her. But she had a dream. She had a wish. Nothing could stop her from following her heart, and nothing could convince her that she would stay a swan forever. 
Of course she had her doubts. The castle was far, and the lake was miles from it, with a towering waterfall standing between her prison and the world. She knew that the world wouldn't break her curse. She would have to find the cure on her own. So she sang. She told stories, and each day she ventured further from her prison, and closer to the castle. As she flew, she became stronger. She could fly further from the lake, and need less time to rest her wings. 
And so, day by day, night by night, Odette searched for the prince. With each story she grew stronger, and with each journey she drew closer to her destiny. But she could not have done so without hopes and dreams. 

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