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Thursday, September 19, 2013

What really matters

I learned a valuable lesson today. It's better to be honest right away than let things build up in your mind. I'm so lucky to have wonderful friends and family who understand when I'm being ridiculous and who encourage me to be upfront and honest. 
I have this really bad habit of viewing everything negatively. It's a pain, and more often causes more problems than I know how to deal with. But I'm working on what I can do to break this habit, and to just enjoy life more, than constantly expect negative outcomes and always be on my guard. 
Believe it or not, always being negative saps a ton of energy, and often makes small things seem huge in your eyes. I'll admit that this is one my faults, to blow things out of proportion and let them sit there, unresolved until I eventually blow up.
It's not one of my best qualities, and certainly not one of my favorite things to admit. But I find that the more I face my faults, and the more I do to improve them, the less energy I waste and the more I can enjoy the things that really matter in life.  

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