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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Writing Prompt 54: Love is . . .

Love is hope during adversity, and finding perfection in the imperfect. Love is music during silence, and a fairytale during reality. A flower in a field of grass. A mystery. Sometimes love can seem like a rumor or a lie. Sometimes love is a rose with thorns, or a leap of faith. Love is a dance that no one knows the steps to. It's a strange magic that is only felt when you stop expecting it to happen. Love is beautiful. A work of art from a far, and a puzzle from within. 
Love is the whisper of your heart. The feeling that helps you understand why you exist, and what you should do. Love is a game, a story with two points of view and a wish from the heart. Love is light in the darkness and beauty in life. 
Love is never the same for anyone.
What is love to you? 

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